Dirty Little Secret

Miley is an 18 year old girl who happens to know Niall Horan in a different way though... But will one little thing screw their hole relationship up?
There are sex scenes in this story graphic sometimes. This story may screw with your head just a little


4. Mysterious Tattoos



-Miley's P.O.V-


I nervously turn away from Harry his hands leaving the tattoos.

"What do they symbolize?" Harry asked

"I'll tell you later ok?" I said turning away he followed me down the halls we met up with the others I looked at Niall he smiled at me. I looked over at Harry who was handing his stuff to a staff member I did the same, Liam led as we walked out of the building towards the car. I had a guilty feeling for kissing Harry but really I shouldn't have one because me and Niall were friends with beniefits. Nothing more, right? He didn't feel anything right? I suddenly got a feeling that he did. I sat beside Liam instead of Harry or Niall I wanted to avoid them I mean I didn't want a relationship! Don't get me wrong, Niall and Harry are both amazing guys but I just don't want to have a commitment. After meeting these boys today I felt like I knew them for a while Niall had amazing friends. Louis drove Harry sat beside him in passenger and Niall and Zayn sat in the back. I was looking forward to going home. I had forgotten about those stupid tattoos...

"Lets go out for something to eat!" Little hungry Niall suggests everyone agrees so I plaster on a fake smile and agree as well. Louis pulls into a random resturaunt I get out and walk beside Louis

"Why did you pick this place?" I asked he shrugged

"Don't you wanna know what your eating?" I asked

"Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!" He said smiling I nodded

"Ok then but if I die I'm gunna kill you." I said

"How? you'd be dead." He said with a playful smirk

"You know what I mean!" I said playfully hitting him. I liked Louis he was funny... NOT LIKE THAT! AS A FRIEND JEEZ WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM A TRAMP?! Anyways...

Louis opened the door for me. we all walked in getting a booth and sitting down we ordered our drinks I sat on the end I looked over and saw Harry looking at me innocently, I slightly smiled back and looked over the menu again.

I decided on noodles and some sauce I've never heard of before.




We got our food I poked some noodles on my fork and put them in my mouth. I chewed and swallowed when I got a weird feeling then I started to cough. I fell out of the private booth in the private section well atleast I wouldn't get embarassed right?

I clutched my throat I saw Louis and Liam first and then Niall. Harry had his phone out and Zayn looked to be panicking.

Liam held my head up while Louis got me a glass of water I was swallowing the water but the swelling kept getting worse. It was getting harder to breath.

"yes an ambulance to-" Harry's voice was cut off as I blacked out.


-Liam's P.O.V-


I hold Miley's head in my hands as she goes out. I hear sirens in the distance I lift her up in my arms bridal style and we leave the resturant Louis stopping to pay. They lay her on a streture Niall goes with her as we follow along in the car, Me driving.

"Holy shit, Holy shit.. HOLY SHIT!" Harry says from the back seat

"Calm down everythings going to be ok" Louis said

"You think so?" Harry asked

"No! are you fucking kidding me!" Louis says sounding panicked as well

"Liam? what happened to her?" Zayn asks beside me

"I don't know I think she had an allergic reaction to the meal she had.." I said

"I wonder if shes ok.." Harry says

"Yeah...." I trail off looking around then at the back of the ambulance.


Half hour later..

-Miley's P.O.V-


I sat on the edge of the hospital bed the doctor had given me a shot that took the swelling down, I had an allergic reaction to the sauce on the noodles. I sat my head down looking at my feet.

"I was worried about you." I hear the irish accent from the door I look up to see Niall in his red v-neck and black jeans and a black pair of supras. his hair quiffed up as usual... He walked towards me I just looked at him

"Where are the boys?" I asked

"Home. I made them leave they were all stressed but I wasn't leaving until I knew you were ok" He said reaching me and stepping closer his face inches from mine. 

"What a kind gesture.. how long has it been?" I asked he didn't look away from my face

"2 Hours." He says I look at him he's been here ALL alone for 2 hours????

"So I'm guessing I can go home now?" I asked Niall smirked and pressed his lips gently to mine and way to soon he took them off and smiled

"I'll take you. The boys called Dani to get them." He said meaning Liam left his car here for Niall and I.

"Ok thanks." I said he helped me off the bed

"Hop on" He said gesturing to his back. I hopped on with a giggle, He walked down the hall and out the door, We got into the car minutes later.


-Miley's P.O.V-

Niall pulled up to my house shutting off the engine

"Sorry I ruined dinner today.." I apoligised

"It wasn't your fault and I hate lobster anyways.. come on I'll walk you to the door" He said I nodded as we got out of the car we walked up the steps of my porch

"Besides the choking part, I had a good night tonight Niall, Thanks" I said

"My pleasure, I always enjoying taking a beautiful girl to dinner" He said I smiled shaking my head I wanted Niall. I stepped forwards pulling his shirt pulling his lips to mine where I greetedly kissed him hungrily I opened the door stepping inside Niall picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist I pulled at his top. He brought me to the couch as I kissed his neck he laid on top of me. I took off his shirt he took off mine. then the pants were gone, then we were nude. I gripped at Niall's back as he entered me.

My lips staying on Niall's my hands went into his hair as we moaned onto each other's lips. It felt good being with Niall, I was starting to think maybe he wanted more than the casual come over and have sex then leave thing. I didn't know how to feel about it yet. Did I want to commit?


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