Dirty Little Secret

Miley is an 18 year old girl who happens to know Niall Horan in a different way though... But will one little thing screw their hole relationship up?
There are sex scenes in this story graphic sometimes. This story may screw with your head just a little


3. Impression

(Miley's POV)

I get ready for me and Niall's night out I'm finally going to hang out with them but Niall said dress appropriate for fun so I pull on some black leggings and and a white blouse but I tied it up a little bit of my stomach was showing I out on a pair of white toms I put a white bandana in ,y hair as I head band and applied make up a little bit of cover up mascara and eye liner I applied some lip gloss and looked at myself when there was a knock at my door I skipped down the steps excited to meet the boys when I opened the door I saw Niall I hugged him and kissed his cheek
"Ready?" He asked I nodded and we went over to his car and got in it on the way to the place we were going to meet the boys.

We pull up to a laser tag place I sigh
"What's wrong Mi?" He asked me
"Nothing the last time I went laser tagging it was with my Dad." I said my Dad had died last year from a car accident and Niall knew that because I remember I wouldn't drive anywhere with him for a while because of my fear of cars, prior to his death.
"It's gonna be ok Mi" he says I smile and nod
"Lets go" I said we got out and walked into the Laser tag area where I saw four boys standing
They were engaged in a conversation when Niall whistled they all turned around I looked over at the curly haired boy who bit his lower lip talk about a major turn on!
"Boys Miley, Miley boys" he said I smiled
"Liam" one of them with chocolate eyes and a buzz cut said
"Zayn" one with hazel eyes and a black quiff
"Louis" one with a brown quiff and ocean blue eyes said I look over at curly
"Harry" he said I smirked at him
"Nice to meet you all I'm Miley" I said I saw Harry eye balling my tattoo well one of the I have plenty. He was eyeing the ones on each of my hip bones they were colored in hearts that were black
"Shall we make the teams?" Niall asked
"Lets let the machine do it" Louis said there was going to be only the 6 of us so 3 on each team
We put our code names in mine was
"Smiley" Louis' was
"Boobear" Liam's was
"DaddyD" and Harry's was
"CurlyNightmare" Niall's was
"IrishLad" the machine spun up our names. Something un expected happened there was 3 separate teams teams of 2 Niall and Liam were the red team Louis and Zayn were team orange and Harry and I were team blue. We got our vests and we had to line up the doors entered to the same spot but had walls between us we had 25 seconds to get familiar with the place Harry nodded to me I smirked we were handed 2 hand guns each one goes in the pocket of your vest and the other you hold the doors opened and we ran the squeaking of sneakers and crashing sounds of painting people slamming into each other we had 25 seconds Harry led me around a corner and we saw Louis and Zayn we quickly ran into a dark cubby kind of like a cave it had an entrance you needed to crawl into and you could sit once you got inside I army crawled in and Harry followed we sat beside each other shoulders touching
Then a slight ding went out side and our vests and guns lit up blue I looked over at Harry he smiled
"I'll be right back" he said and crawled out of the cubby leaving me alone. After about 10 mintutes I decided to go looking for Harry I heard giggles and I saw Louis and Zayn holier Harry aiming st his chest shooting him for points but everytime after you get shot your gun gets turned off and your vest goes out for 15 seconds Harry's was out cause Louis just shot him I shot Zayn in the back
"Shit" he said Louis turned around and I hit him and he made it look like he was dying dropping o his knees I quickly help Harry up and we run away I pull him around a corner and were completely once sled from every one I breath heavily from the long run Harry's arm accidentally brushes mine I look at him he looks at me when suddenly he jolts forwards and kisses me I lt him do it for a while he rests his hands on my hips and looks down at his hands his thumbs resting on my heart tattoos
"What do these symbol?" He asked
"They symbol m-" I'm cut off by the buzzer ending the game oh well I guess I could tell him some other time.
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