Dirty Little Secret

Miley is an 18 year old girl who happens to know Niall Horan in a different way though... But will one little thing screw their hole relationship up?
There are sex scenes in this story graphic sometimes. This story may screw with your head just a little


2. Gentle

(Miley's POV)

I was just finishing making a sandwich when their was a knock at my door I clean up my mess quickly and walk towards the door and open it Niall is standing there smiling stupidly
"What?" I ask he steps in and kisses me as I shut the door his hands along my jawline mine at his sides I walked us forward and put his back to the wall he smiles into my lips he sits in the chair close to him I'm straddling him
"You taste like cucumbers" he says unlocking our lips I giggle
"I just had a cucumber sandwich that's why" I said he chuckles and slowly locks his lips with mine again he picks me up and carries me up to my bed room today's he is gentle he's not horny Niall he's sweet and gentle Niall he gently lays himself ontop of me he's inbetween my legs I close my eyes at the pleasure of our lips being together he slowly peels of my shirt as I do the same with him then he suddenly stops he rolls off of me
"What's wrong?" I ask
"Nothing" he said he rolled over on his side facing me he started to trace circles on my exposed stomach raising goosebumps
My temptation was heating up I needed him now.
I turned over to him clutching the sheet to my nude body his eyes look up into mine the temptation to have sex with him was gone I just wanted to hug him I shuffled over
"Come here" I said he smiles and slides over I hug him rubbing his hair he hugs me back we lay there for a while in silence when Niall leans out and kisses me I turn on my back Niall leans over me and continues to kiss me I put my hands around his neck he puts his at my sides about rib height just below my boobs where I had a tattoo it was of a rubber ducky my Dad always gave me one and said "always swim with a buddy" so after he died a year ago I got it done at my friends dads shop cause I was only 17 his hands tickled me I loved the feeling the temptation to have sex with him was coming back I rolled him over and straddled him and leaned down and kissed him when I placed myself right and lowered and took his full length I want down and kissed him and let a moan into his lips as we continued this.
He flipped me over and kissed me passionately when his phone rang he waved it off
"Let it go to voice mail" he says into my lips as he keep thrusting I moan
"Ok" I say it keeps ringing he grunts and gets off I pout about loosing contact
He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and showed me and caller ID: Louis :) I sigh me lay back and gather how amazing Niall was in bed when he answers it
"Hey Lou" he says I can hear Lou's voice on the other side of the phone call
"Hey Nialler me and the boys were going to the movies and we wanted to know if you want to come?" Louis says I was suspecting Niall to say yeah and leave me but he didn't
"I'm busy tonight Louis but how about we go out to dinner I got someone I'd like you to meet" he says was he talking about me? I've never met the boys only Niall.
Louis sounded a little bit hurt and disappointed but quickly moved on
"Alright see you then Nialler!" He says and hangs up I go and kiss his neck as he was sitting up on the edge of the bed I kiss his neck and he turns and kisses me and we lay down kissing and finally we continue what we were doing and man did it feel good.
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