These are poems I've written. :) Some aren't great, some are weak. But I wanted to share them. SO,


2. Noah Miller

Thought we were friends,

I was wrong.

Thought we were close,

I was wrong.


I heard what you said.

I heard every word.

That was the last straw,

Because I know what I heard.


Now you'll never hear,

Another word from me.

So please,

Leave me be.


I can't face you,

knowing how you feel.

My joy is the first thing,

you'll decide to steal.


Next you'll take my love.

Pull my heart out,

Ripe it up.

Doing nothing but scream and shout.


Then you'll take the other things,

My friends, my hope.

Leaving me nothing but sadness,

Knowing I won't cope.


You love hurting people,

Close to you.

Wish I had know that,

Before you could hurt me too.


Like you did,

When you said what you said about me.

If only I hadn't heard you say,

That you hated me.








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