These are poems I've written. :) Some aren't great, some are weak. But I wanted to share them. SO,


6. Matthew (My first poem)

His eyes sparkle,

Freckles dot his face.

He's got the cutest smile,

Not one hair seems out of place.


When I look into his eyes,

I feel my heart skip a beat.

A day without seeing him,

Just  doesn't feel complete.


Yet, I know he doesn't like me,

I know I should move on.

It just hurts so much,

Now that my chance is gone.



Heyy guys. So this was my first poem. I haven't edited this in FORRRREEEEEVVVVERRR and I felt it needed some editing. So I went through my poetry book and today I'm adding some of my peoms I feel ok with sharing for the world. :) ENJOYY THEM!




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