These are poems I've written. :) Some aren't great, some are weak. But I wanted to share them. SO,


8. I am Me

I've been cut, beaten abused,

I've been laughed at, mocked, and used.

I've been treated like nothing.

I've been treated like crap.


I'd been hated for no reason.

I'd been hurt each coming season.

I'd been shattered and broken.

I'd been a laughing stock.


I learned to fake my smile.

I learned to be alone for awhile.

I learned to be myself.

I learned to love the haters.


People in this town,

Are always trying to hold me down.

But they can't beacue,

I shine brighter then every star in the sky.


I am Me,

So leave me be.

I'll stay this way forever.

I am Me.



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