These are poems I've written. :) Some aren't great, some are weak. But I wanted to share them. SO,


3. Eighth Grader

I know you don't realize this,

But you give me hope.

And resently our friendship,

Has had a slight growth.


In the hallways when I see you,

I'm not longer afarid.

If someone trys to hurt me,

I'm no longer dismayed.


You'll help me,

I'll help you.

I'll never really pay you back,

For all the things you do.


You don't realize this,

But I need you.

Without you I'll lose hope,

You should know this is true.


When you smile at me,

As I have a bad day,

It's as if your saying,

Everything will be ok.


Next year when you leave me,

Nothing will be the same.

I'll miss seeing you,

The way you yell my name.


I'll miss that smile,

The way you light up a room.

Even on the days,

when I feel consumed with gloom.


I'll miss all the days with you.

How I never felt alone.

I'll miss everything about you,

But to you this won't be known.


I'll miss your eyes,

Warm and kind.

A person like you,

I'll never find.



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