These are poems I've written. :) Some aren't great, some are weak. But I wanted to share them. SO,


10. Brant

So know you know,

I like you.

Now what,

Do we do?


You ignore me.

I avoid you.

You don't feel

The way I do.


I wish we could pretend,

Everything was ok.

Nothing we couldn't do,

Nothing we couldn't say.


Life was a dream.

Now it's a nightmare.

I really wish,

I didn't care.


Everytime I'm near you,

I have to look away.

We both act like,

We are ok.


But our friendshipwas ruined,

Because of me.

I should have,

Just left you be.


You won't speak to me,

Or look in my direction.

Yet we used to have,

Such a connection.


It was probley,

All in my mind.

Your probley just generally,

very very kind.


I probley imagined,

Any sparks we had.

I do it alot,

And it makes me mad.


I convence myself someone I like,

Likes me back.

I tell them how I feel,

They stop dead in their tracks.


They rarely talk to me,

Ignore me.

They avoid eye contact,

Hate me.


Should have expected,

The same from you.

You ignore me,

Avoid me too.


I'll stop the tears,

That left my face soaken.

Pick of the pieces,

Of my heart that was broken.


I'll be ok.

And I guess I'll end this here.

Get these feelings out,

And quit keeping them near.





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