I saw this on someone else's page and I thought it was a cute idea. Plus it will be a great way to read all of your guys' lovely movellas !!! :) xo


2. "She's Not Afraid" by Sparklegurl

My first review will be on Sparklegurls movella, titled "She's Not Afraid."

It's about a girl named Hope who ran away from her boyfriend and happens to run into Zayn Malik. Sorry this is so short, my reviews will usually be longer. This movella is not yet finished, so I can't really give away much, but I really like the storyline so far! Here's a couple tips:

Watch your grammar and capitalization. And be careful of run-on sentences!

I definitely can't wait for more of the story! And also, she is looking for characters to date some of the boys!!! So just comment your info on her story!!!


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