I saw this on someone else's page and I thought it was a cute idea. Plus it will be a great way to read all of your guys' lovely movellas !!! :) xo


4. Recommendations

Hey! Unfortunately, I have been pretty busy with some things lately, and that is why I had to put this on hold. BUT. I am currently on break, so that gives me a little more time every day! (Yay!)

Many of you have either contacted me or commented (which is absolutely fantastic by the way, love to get to know you guys!) and have asked me to recommend some more great reads, and less reviewing. I will continue the reviewing, but recommend more! Here ya go:

1. You gotta love those highly unannounced authors that have those fanfics that just knock the wind out of you, they are so amazing. I mean, I know I do! You know, those ones that make you realize your heart is beating so fast you could have been mistaken for just running a mile? The ones that just give you those FEELS...ugh? That make you feel like you're actually just watching the scene unfold in front of you in a movie theatre, when in reality, you blink your eyes and realize you're laying in bed on your computer? Yes, I LIVE for those feelings. 

Well, a few nights ago, I logged onto Movellas, and saw the ad at the top of the page for the Movelly Awards going on. Browsing through the categories, I came across two of my favorite categories-Fan Fiction and Romance. Perfect. I noticed someone had voted numerous times in both categories for some story called "Beauty and the Geek". Hmm. Well, I ended up clicking the link and am ever so glad that I did. I came across one of the most beautifully written stories of all time. 

Beauty and the Geek isn't one of those overly-done, disgustingly descriptive, romance novels. And that's why it's perfect. The author knew exactly when to put a romantic scene in there, without forcing it. THE STORY IS ACTUALLY ADORABLE.

Extremely condensed plot summary here:

Emily had everything; the boyfriend, the popularity, the cheer squad. But not the grades to top it all off. Hiring a tutor named Zayn, who is no more forced to be there than Emily, wasn't what she thought it would be. And yes, there is some romance...


Beauty and the Geek by waspuskx   <======

And then me, being the Harry girl I am, (HARRY I LOVE YOU BABE) read another one of her completed fanfics. It was called Shake It Out. OH MY GAWD. After you finish Beauty and the Geek, might as well read that one too! It's a Harry one! And yes, it's short, BUT ITS SOOOO GOOOOD.

So yeah........PLEASE READ THESE!!!

On the flipside, I will be reading your requests in the comments section below and be reviewing them ASAP. 

Thank you!


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