I saw this on someone else's page and I thought it was a cute idea. Plus it will be a great way to read all of your guys' lovely movellas !!! :) xo


1. How It Works

Hey guys!!! Okay, so I saw this idea on someone's page and LOVED the idea, plus it will get me to read more wonderful movellas, as well as recommend great ones for you! Here's how its gonna work:


1. If you want me to review one of your movellas, please comment below the name of the movella you want me to read and review.


2. After I have completed reading it, I will write about your story right here!!! Don't worry, I won't give away any secret endings or plot twists!


It's THAT EASY!!! And its a great way to get more views on your movellas too!


*Please check back here daily to see if I have reviewed yours, or if you just wanna find something good to read*

*Hey...while you wait for your review, why not check out some of my movellas? I recommend Missing Darcy and Holding My Heart! Since I'm reading yours, why not return the favor? (Only if you have time-I'm not pressuring you)*

~If you don't know whether to submit your story or not, SUBMIT IT ANYWAY. Chances are it's not as terrible as you think it is~

I hope everyone (including myself) finds this very useful! Let the reading (and reviewing) begin :)xo

{Please note: I love doing these reviews a ton, but if you want your story reviewed and it only has one chapter, I will definitely let you know if you are off to a good start! But please please please don't expect me to write a full review/recommendation on only one chapter! After this happening quite a lot the previous time I opened the submissions for reviews, I have decided to do this:

If you just want to know if you are starting correctly, specify that in your comment below. I will comment back, either on your original comment or on your story, giving you a "keep going" or "great start" comment. 

Your story does not have to be finished in order for me to review it. Just don't make me waste a review on a couple sentences. 

I'm not trying to be mean, I SWEAR!!! I hope you all out there understand that my time on here is limited and I want to make the most out of it!}

I look forward to many great submissions!!!

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