Stop The Tape

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When Francesca gets back from Student Exchange, everything has changed. Her best friend Louis has become a national superstar. When she goes to find him she meets the 4 boys with him. Will she find love, heartbreak or everything in between?


6. The Awkwardness of Love


<strong>Chapter 6: The Awkwardness of Love </strong>


<strong>Francesca’s POV</strong>


The next morning Louis texted me,


<strong>LOU LOU TOMMO:</strong>


'Hey Cesca is it alright if you come at around 12? :D'


You see this message was sent at 9 o'clock....and I only got it now. At you can see my dilemma. I jumped out of bed, (Yeah I sleep in late...) and run down stairs to where Tash was on the phone. (Probably to Leandro...cue gagging now)


"We have 15 minutes to get over there! CHOP, CHOP!" I screamed running past her and into the kitchen. I didn't care if the people on the phone heard me.

I'm a freak, baby. I quickly got a banana and ran back out.


"HURRY UP LIL MISS CHATTERBOX!" I screamed again running up the stairs. I went to my closet and pulled out random shit. I laid it all out on my bed and picked a striped, blue dress with a brown belt. I slipped it on and found my brown flats, (BTW I loooove flats...) I walked into the bathroom and did my make up and hair. Once again i didnt really do anything tired... I quickly put on some friendship bracelets that the girls gave me. I took my phone off the charger and checked the time. 11:55. Jesus do I really take that long?


I was about to put in my bag and then it chimed,


<strong>UNKNOWN NUMBER:</strong>


'Hey, where are you? We're waiting for you guys...Especially you ;)'


Remind me to change their names. From the previous messages that was....Zayn...

Really? Huh. Maybe Tash might of been right....just a bit though...


I quickly replied,




'Haha we're coming! :D'


Oui! Don't judge me! What am I supposed to say?

After that I ran down stairs and saw Tash sitting on the couch on her phone. She was wearing a striped dark blue sweat shirt and skinny jeans with black pumps. She was wearing the necklace Leandro gave her again. I'm sure she never takes that thing off. Her hair was down and wavy.


"Come on! Lets go, let's go, let's go!" I said clapping my hands. She put her phone in her pocket and rolled her eyes.


"God calm down!" She said.


"I'll call a cab...." I said ignoring her.




5 minutes later we got there. 3 minutes late. Damn. I walked up to the door and rung the door bell. A second later the door was flung open.


"HEY GURL! WAZZ UP?" Louis screeched in my ear. I swatted him and rolled my eyes. "What? It's question..." He said smiling.


"Stop. Just stop." Tash said shaking her head.


"Oh hey Tash. How's your day been?" Louis asked seriously.


"Perfect, until I saw you..." Tash mumbled. Louis gave her the evil eye.


"ARE THEY HERE?" I heard someone shout from inside. Tash smirked over at me. I slapped her shoulder and laughed.


"What?" Louis asked us. We just shook our heads at him.


"LOUIS? Are they here yet?!" Another person shouted.


"Come down here and you'll find out!" Louis screamed back. "Douches...." He mumbled. In a second we heard running footsteps coming to the front door. First popped out Zayn then Harry, Niall and finally Liam. They didn't dress as nicely today.

They were all in sweats, except for Zayn, Harry and Liam.

Louis was wearing a dark blue top, Zayn a black top, Harry in a orange top and Niall and Liam in plain whites.


"Called it!" Harry said pointing at Liam. Liam looked down slightly and shook his head.


"It's good to know all of you are actually dressed this time," I giggled. They all turned a bit red.


"Well, I can take off my top if you want babe," Harry said smirking. Louis reached over and smacked him on the back of his head.


"Hey! What was that for?" Harry said rubbing his head.


"What did I tell you yesterday? And this morning? And just before they got here?" Louis said.


"Don't flirt with your mate, yeah, yeah I get it. Jeesh..." Harry mumbled. I could feel Tash staring at me. I looked over and she had a 'told you so' look.


"Oi, shut up." I said smacking her shoulder again. She laughed....once again.


Woah. Did anyone else just get déjà vu? No? Just me? Okay then....awkward....


"I didn't say anything," she said holding up her hands in defense. The boys were looking at us weirdly....again.


Seriously I think something is happening here guys. Come on…really? No one?


"I don't get it," Niall whispered over to Liam. Liam just shrug his shoulders.


"Well I think that you guys-" Tash started before I clamped my hand over her mouth.


"If you say another word I will get Leandro to break up with you." I warned. Her eyes widened. "Do you understand?" I asked. She nodded her head really fast and I slowly let go of her mouth.


"Huh?" Zayn said confused. I waved him off with my hand and looked over at Louis. He had a smirk on his face and was looking directly at Tash. I looked over at her and she was glaring.


"What." She stated.


"You let in that easily...just cause of Leandro?" He said laughing.


"He means the world to me Lou....I wouldn't think you'd understand that..." She said looking down.


"Oi! I can be loving! You know just-" Louis said before he got cut off.


"Okay, can we take this inside please? There are probably people hiding in the bushes..." Zayn said looking around.


"This isn't over Rando," Louis said glaring at Tash. She grinned.


"Oh no, it's only just begun."


I rolled my eyes at the two of them. "I swear, if I had a gun, I would've killed you both by now." I said following the boys in.


They took us into the lounge room and I saw Tash looking around.


"This place is big.....and messy..." She whispered. I laughed a bit.


"Yeah, that's what I thought....wait till you see the kitchen." I said as she gave me a horrified look.


"Welcome, to our house..." Harry said as he walked over and sat in front of us. So did the other boys as well.


"And might I say, you two look smashing as ever..." Niall laughed. Tash and I laughed as well.


Don't you guys just love the word 'smashing'? Like, just say it in a British accent. Go on, try it. Heh heh heh. It's fun...SMASHING, SMASHING, SMASHING.


Anyways...this is what goes on in my head.....


"Sooo, how's life?" Louis asked.


"Meh....I don't know..." I said.


"What a fantastic answer Cesca, first prize." He said while clapping. I rolled my eyes.


"Soooorry.'s interesting.." I said trying to think.


"How come?" Zayn asked. I looked over at him.


"I'll never tell." I said grinning. He smiled and looked down again.


"So, uh, what did you guys have for breakfast?" Niall asked. What a strange question...


"Banana." I said simply


"Apple." Tash said as well.


"That's all....really?" Niall asked shocked. 


"Yeah, we didn't really have time...." Tash said looking over at me. I gave her a shocked face.


"Hey! Not my fault I cant hear my ringtone while I'm sleeping." I said. "You don't even sleep at all cause your waiting for Lele's phone call."


Tash gave me the evil eye.


"Wait, so what time did you get my message?" Louis asked.


"Uhhhh....eleven?" I said not looking up. Tash nudged me.


"Argh fine...11:45..." I said. There was silence for a bit.


"Well that just proves one thing," Liam said. I looked up at him confused. "You guys are really fast at getting changed." 


In a second we were all laughing.


"It's funny cause its true," I said imitating Donald Glover. While we were pissing ourselves laughing Tash's phone rang.


"Hello?....oh hey Chloe....yeah sure..can't wait...I need to-....yep....okay bye!" She said into the phone.


"What happened with Chloe?" I asked.


"Uhhh...she's coming in two days, so is Julie....Em has something on or something....." She said putting her phone away.


"Very good English Tash." I simply stated. She glared over at me and I shrugged.

"So Georgia tomorrow, Julie and Chloe the day after and Em's coming at your party."


"Party?" Louis said. I face-palmed myself and Tash sighed.


“Really? You forgot?” Tash said to me.


“There’s a party? Whose?” He said again.


“Tash’s. I forgot to tell you…” I said. Everyone was quiet.


“Happy birthday!” The boys repeated over each other.


“Yeah, yeah it’s in a couple of days don’t get ahead of yourselves.” Tash exclaimed.


“What exact date?” Louis said.


“23rd.  And really? You forgot her birthday? Gosh Lou…” I said shaking my head.


“Well I’m sorry I have a lot of things to remember missy.” He said clicking his fingers.


“Yeah you defiantly remembered to change your awful hairstyle…” I mumbled.


“EXCUSE ME? LARANAY HOLD MY EARINGS. WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Louis screamed. I started laughing.




“OH I DO NOT THINK SO!” he said clicking his fingers in a ‘Z’ formation.


“DO YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE? HUH BIOTCH?” I said standing up in front of him.


“OH I THINK WE NEED TO ANEESA. I. THINK. WE. NEED. TO.” he said standing up as well.


“WELL COME ON LETS GO.” I said cracking up laughing.




“Okay, okay, Shaniqua’s and Aneesa’s…lets calm down…we will take this outside another day.” Tash said pulling my hand so I would sit.


“Yeah I think the neighbors will start to worry” Harry agreed grabbing Louis’ hand. We shoved them off and looked at each other.


“Did they just tell us what to do Shaniqua?” I said.


“I think they did Aneesa….I think they did.” Louis smirked.


“Oh shit not again…”Tash mumbled.






“WELL TWO OF THEM DID SO ANYONE ELSE?” I said pointing at the other boys. Niall was pissing himself laughing, Zayn smirking and shaking his head in amusement and Liam laughing as well…not as hard as Niall though.


“WELL I GUESS WE MIGHT AS WELL GO THEN. I’M STARVING.” Louis said grabbing my hand and walking out.


“Hey, where are you guys going?” Liam screamed.




Louis took me into the kitchen and opened the fridge as if nothing happened. We’re just like that…you know? Mum actually considered taking me to mental hospital….

“Well that was fun.”I stated.      


“Yeah it was. Remember when we used to say it to mum and stuff? Good times…” he laughed.  Louis and I have always been sassy. That’s why we are perfect for each other. As friends….of course…


“So what’s up with you and the boys?” Louis asked me pulling out a bottle of Coke. I rolled my eyes at him.


“Nothing….why does everyone say that?!” I said to him frustrated. He held his hands up in defense.


“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about Miss! I just noticed that you guys were comfortable with each other….particularly a certain someone….” He said pouring himself a glass. My eyes widened.


“What?” I coughed awkwardly. Bad move. Louis looked over and smirked at me.


“Want some?” he asked getting another glass. I nodded my head eagerly. My throat has gone dry from his earlier comment. Damn him. He poured me one and passed it over to me. I quickly snatched it from him. As I was drinking he was watching me grinning like the idiot that he was.


“So, want to shag any of them?” he asked casually. I literally spit my drink all over him. I started continuously coughing. He started pissing himself laughing.


“Oh god that was good,” he said wiping himself down with a towel. He was still laughing that silent laugh; you know when you can’t make a noise and you look like a retarded seal clapping? Sometimes you can feel your six pack coming in? Yeah….Louis looks like a really retarded seal…reallllyyyy retarded….


“What…is…your..problem..?” I said in between coughs.


He just kept on laughing and that was when the boys ran in to see what was going on….


<strong>Natasha’s POV</strong>


“TO GET SOME FUDGING FOOD, DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH?” Francesca screamed back at Liam. I looked at the boys and they were either laughing or they were looking as shocked as 12 year meeting Justin Bieber.


“Where the hell did that come from?” Zayn asked shocked. I shook my head lightly to myself.


“They used to do it all the time if they didn’t want to do something…”


“That loud?!” Liam exclaimed


“Louder….anytime, anyplace…” I said looking up at him. (I just realized that sentence sounded really wrong…sorry guys….continue.) “They once did it in Starbucks and got kicked out…and that included me and Stan!”


“Messed up children…” Harry mumbled.


“Tell me about it…” I agreed.


I looked up at them and all of them were smiling back at me except Zayn and Liam, who were looking over at the door smiling happily. I gave them a confused look. Harry and Niall noticed my look and moved their gaze to the other boys.


“Uh…you guys right there?” I asked them waving my hand.


“Huh? Oh yeah sure….uh huh..” they said with their attention back at me.


“Uh…does she um….like anyone…at the moment?” Zayn asked shyly. I KNEW IT! HA FRANCESCA I TOLD YOU SO! THAT’S RIGHT NATASHA FOR THE WIN!


“Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Josh Hutcherson, Luke Brooks, Channing Tatum, Logan Lerman, uh….that’s all I can think of..” I grinned over at him. He had a deadpan face. I giggled a bit.


“Okay, now tell us the people that aren’t celebrities…” Harry said. I laughed and looked at my nails.


“ one that I know…” I said smiling.


“Okay then….” Liam said. Did this just become awkward?


“But, if you guys ever wanna date her, just remember…break her heart and I’ll break your face.” I said smiling happily at them. They were looking at me very weirdly now. Maybe a bit scared…


“I don’t think your fans would like it if you have a bruise on your face…” I said like a sweet little girl.


Zayn, Liam and Harry were looking at me with wide eyes and sitting there awkwardly. Whoops.


“Well….we won’t…I guess?” Niall suggested. I clapped my hands lightly.


“Yay!” I said giggling. They are so scared right now. Just then we heard laughing and coughing coming from the kitchen.  I got up and went into the kitchen with the boys chasing after me.


The first thing I saw was Francesca choking and coughing and then Louis next to her laughing so hard. I rushed over to Francesca and patted her back.


“Oh god that was so funny…” Louis said nearly on the floor.


“What the hell did you do to her?” I said annoyed.  


“I just asked a question….” Louis said defensibly. I gave him a ‘WTF?’ look.


“Well what did you ask her?” Zayn asked.  I saw Louis look down at Francesca and back up at Zayn.  


“Uhhh…don’t worry…” Louis coughed. Francesca had now recovered and was giving Louis the death stare.


“How bout we watch something?” Louis suggested.


“But I’m hungry!” Niall whined. I saw the boys rolling their eyes.


“Well okay…I’ll call for some pizza? Again…” Harry said walking out of the room with the boys.    


I turned to Francesca with a worried expression. “What did he ask you?”


She sighed.

“He asked if I wanted to shag any of them…” I looked at her for a second to see if she was joking.


“OH MY GOD! HAHAHAHAA…” I said bursting out laughing. Francesca was just glaring at me as I laughed. She lightly slapped my stomach and walked out.


“Shut up Tash.”


 <strong>Francesca’s POV</strong>


As I walked back into the lounge room I saw the boys picking a movie.


“What’s your favourite movie? GO!” Zayn said pointing at me.


“Uh…um….I’m not sure…” I mumbled trying to think.


“Just pick a movie love.” Niall said.


“Mean Girls?” I suggested.


“What? That came out in 2004,” Louis said.


“Still a good movie though,” Tash said joining us in the room. I slapped her lightly one more time.


“Okay cool the piazza will be here in 5.” Harry said sitting down.


We started the movie and sat down. This time I was sitting next to Tash and Harry. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn were on the other couch. I saw Harry grinning over at the other boys. Louis rolled his eyes while Liam and Zayn just glared.


Niall was just being Niall.


CUTE AND SUPER SMEXY! Hahaha…..but seriously.


I didn’t dare looking a Louis. That douche is going to get it one day. I looked away from the TV and looked around the room.


My eyes immediately made contact with Zayn’s. He was staring at me. Oh gosh. I feel like a twelve year old swooning over Justin Bieber. 


I looked into his deep brown eyes and could easily feel myself blushing. Damn it. He smiled over at me and I smiled back looking down at my hands. Damn him and his luscious eyes and his perfectly styled dark brown hair…


Whoa calm down there Frankie. I do not like him in that way. No no no.


I quickly relaxed back into the couch and focused on the movie. A minute later the doorbell rang and Lou got up to get the door.

We started eating our pizza and watched the movie silently.


It was pretty good.    




Once the movie finished Tash and I were in fits of laughter. It is a good movie come on guys. Get with it. I find myself a bit lame because we end up like this every time but you know…I’m an awkward fish.  


The pizza was all finished, (mostly thanks to Niall…) and we didn’t really know what to do.


“Uh, so you guys made any songs yet?” Tash asked looking around. Oh my God I completely forgot. They’re a band. Wow I’m slow. No wonder my brother said I have no logic…


“Um yeah we have but we shouldn’t really say…” Liam said looking at the other boys.


“Awww, come on please?” I begged giving them my best puppy dog eyes. But I probably looked retarded.


“Come on lads lets sing our single.” Louis said.


“You have a single?” Tash and I both said together.


“Well…not yet but…yeah.” Louis said thinking.


“Well what’s it called?” I asked. God I can’t wait to hear this.


“Gotta Be You,” Niall said proudly. I looked over at Tash and back at the boys.


“Typical boy band….” I said. Louis scoffed.


“Excuse me? What’s that meant to mean?” He said with his eyebrows raised.


“I’m just saying almost all boy bands sing about heartbreak or getting back together…Gotta Be You….I bet it’s about you’re trying to get a girl and its slow and stuff.” I said with Tash nodding her head agreeing with me.


The boys were just looking at me with indescribable expressions.


“Have you heard the song?” Harry said looking down at me. I shook my head.


“Well how bout we sing it then you can be critical?” Louis said standing up.


“Wasn’t trying to be…” I mumbled and Tash smiled. Louis stretched and then sat back down while the others got ready. They didn’t bring any instruments out so I’m guessing it’s only their voices.


<i>‘Girl I see it in your eyes you’re disappointed,

Cause I’m the foolish one that you anointed,

With your heart,

I tore it apart,


And girl what a mess I’ve made upon your innocence,

And no women in the world deserves this,

But here I am,

Asking you for one more chance.’</i>


Liam sung beautifully looking at me the whole time. His face looked….quite, sad though.


<i>‘Can we fall,

One more time,

Stop the tape,

And rewind,



And if you walk away,

I know I’ll fade,

Cause there is nobody else...

Its gotta be yoooou,’</i>


Harry sung with his deep voice. As he sung the last line he held the note almost perfectly. Then I think the chorus kicked in and all the boys joined in.


<i>‘Only yoooou,

Its gotta be yoooou,


Only yoooou,



Harry would say the first words and then all the boys would join in on ‘you.’ It was quite funny from my point of view to be honest.


<i>‘Now girl I hear it in your voice and how it trembles,

When you speak to me I don’t resemble,

Who I was,

You’ve almost had enough,


And your actions speak louder than words,

And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard,

But don’t be scared,

I ain’t going nowhere.’</i>


Liam sung sadly once again. Did he break up with his girlfriend or something?


<i>’I’ll be here by your side,

No more fears,

No more crying,


And if you walk away,

I know I’ll fade,

Cause there is nobody else..’.</i>


Zayn sung catching me completely by surprise. Whoa he’s a good singer…


<i>’It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you
Only you’

The boys all sung together…holy shit…no like seriously….holy bloody shit…

<i>’Oh, girl,
Can we try one more, one more time?
One more, one more?
Can we try one more, one more time?
I’ll make it better’

Zayn sung with beautiful holy voice….ahem….uh I mean…yeah…

<i>’One more, one more,
Can we try one more, one more...’


The boys repeated after him.

<i>’Can we try one more time to make it all better?’</i>


Zayn said cutting them off a bit…Om nom nom…

<i>'Cause it's gotta be you
It's gotta be you
Only you
Only you’


Harry said as a kinda solo…..i think….maybe….not really sure.

<i>‘It’s gotta be you
Only you
It’s got to be you

Only you’</i>


They sung as they finished off the song. I was literally speechless. I looked over at Tash and she had her jaw to the floor. I looked back at them and they were all smiling back at me.


“So….how’d you like it?” Niall asked.

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