Stop The Tape

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When Francesca gets back from Student Exchange, everything has changed. Her best friend Louis has become a national superstar. When she goes to find him she meets the 4 boys with him. Will she find love, heartbreak or everything in between?


3. Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Chapter 3: Tell Me More, Tell Me More

As I held the last note I looked up at their faces. They were amazed. I looked back down to my shoes and felt myself blush. They still hadn't said anything and I was starting to get worried. Did they like it? Of course they wouldn't. I'm a terrible song writer. After a while I nearly started crying. And then I heard clapping. I looked up and Niall was slowly clapping his hands. The others started to join in.

"That was.........amazing," Zayn said staring at me. These boys like to stare don't they?
I was starting to furiously blush again. Louis was still staring at me gobsmacked.

"Okay, your first song was rubbish. But....that was...." Louis started.

"Absolutley incredible." Harry finished. How cute.

"Well that's what happens when you leave for a year." I joked. They all smiled at me. Except for one. Can you guess who? Niall nudged Liam in the arm to get his attention back into the real world. Sometimes he looks directly into my eyes and I'm not sure if he's admiring me, cause I'm so dayum sexy, or trying to read my soul. I think its the soul.

Jay came back with bacon, eggs and pancakes. I guess these boys like to eat. I don't eat much so all this food would last me for days. Niall jumped up from the couch as soon as she laid it on the table. He started filling his plate and quickly sat down to devour his food. I looked at him with wide eyes and then slowly walked over to the table with the others. They just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Still watching him I slid down in the chair inbetween Zayn and Louis. Zayn froze a bit and then relaxed.

"Are you right there?" I asked Niall. He looked up a smiled at me.

"He likes to eat," Louis whispered in my ear. I silently laughed to my self. Just like Alessio. Niall was across from me and so was Harry and Liam. Jay was at the end of the table watching us politely.

"Well I better get going now boys." she said picking up her bag.

"Why?" all the boys whined. She looked at them with a 'seriously?' face.

"It takes 3 hours to get here from Doncaster and the girls need me." she said looking down at her phone.

"Who are taking care of them?" Louis asked confused.

"Daniela and Mario," Jay said typing something into her phone. The boys all looked at her confused as well.

"My mum and dad." I said filling them in. The room chorused with 'Ohhh's'. Except for Niall. He was still eating.

"Okay," Jay sighed, "You know how to find you way home?" she said looking at me. I felt the back pocket of my jeans. Yep, my keys were there.

"Yeah, I'll call a cab later." I assured her. She looked around once more checking she had everything again.

"Okay, I'm off!" she announced. She picked up her bag and went around to all the boys kissing them on the cheek staying with Louis the longest.

"Bye Jay!" we all called out.

Once she left we all settled down and we were in a comfortable silence. I had finished after an egg and a couple of bacon strips. I was still waiting for the boys to finish and Louis was eating my leftovers. The boys looked at him as if he were crazy.

"So I'm guessing you guys are really close." Zayn said quietly next to me. I looked over at him and once I met his eyes he immediately looked down. He was so cute. Niall and Harry started giggling at him.

"Close enough...i think." I said back smiling at his shyness. I looked Back to Louis and he had finished.

"So where are you staying?" Louis asked wiping his mouth with a napkin.
"Uh I'm staying a couple of minutes away actually! With Natasha. You remember her?" I asked looking at him curiously. He thought for a while and then spoke again.

"Yeah she's the one that you danced with right?" he asked hoping he was right. I nodded proud of him.

"Yep, and Georgia's staying somewhere else. She got excepted to the Royal Ballet so..." I informed him. He looked confused again.

"Blonde hair, blue eyes?" I said helping him out. He just shook his slowly. I sighed.

"Cheerleader?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Ohhhh, yeah yeah I remember her! Yeah. How's she doing? Got a boyfriend yet?" he said smiling.

"Cheerleader?!" Harry's voice piped up. I looked at him and rolled my eyes again.

"Yeah, Cesca's got pretty good friends. Cheerleaders, dancers, she knows them all." Louis said getting on my nerves.

"Oi Ive got other friends too!" I said annoyed. All attention was on me now.
"There's, Julie and she's like really smart. Her nickname was the human calculator, and Chloe, you haven't met her but she is in Athletics. Like she should be in the Olympics. And Emily, she plays football (A.K.A. soccer) and she's funny as well. Oh oh and Mezza! Mary is like the craziest, funniest girl you'll ever meet....but I think she moved to Canada.." I complained. Everyone was quiet for a while.

"Can we meet Georgia?" asked Harry.

"How bout Emily?" asked Niall. "I like football!"

"I run fast," said Liam.

"How smart is Julie?" asked Zayn. "I wanna test her,"

"Can you get Mary to come back?" asked Louis.

They all started talking over the top of each other debating whether or not we should meet which girl first.

"ENOUGH!" I said, "Ladies, ladies, you'll meet them somewhere over the rainbow when I turn 40, but for now, the closest you'll get to my friends is with a 10 meter pole." I declared. They all went quiet.

"How bout lets play 20 questions?" Louis asked. I started clapping happily.

"Okay GO!" I said.

"Favourite colour!" Harry.


"Favourite animal?" Liam


"Are you a Directioner?" Louis

"I just heard about you guys last week..."

"How many boyfriends?" Zayn

"One! Forever Alone..." I joked

"Favourite Artist?" Niall

"Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, John Legend, GLEE!"

"Favourite sport?" Liam

"Dancing definately and Netball or Aussie Rules football." I smiled

"Broken bone?" Niall

"Nope, but my brothers broken his head twice..." They all looked really scared.

"Who's your favourite out of us?" Harry winked.

"Louis obviously." I smirked. A round of 'boo's' went around the room.

"Okay, okay......probably.....Niall!" I said. Niall blushed slightly. Harry grabbed his heart and dramatically started sobbing.

"I unloved!" he sobbed. All the boys were laughing. I got up and walked over to Harry. I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He started blushing as well.
"Oi! Wheres mine?" Louis complained. I sighed. I walked over to him and kissed him as well.

"Ha! Now you have to kiss all of us!" Niall said. I pretended to be really annoyed. I turned around to kiss Zayn and nearly caught him on the lips. Once I straightened back up I acted like nothing happened. The boys didn't notice anything but Zayn was still frozen there. Shocked. I moved onto Niall who was grinning like and idiot. And lucky last L-Liam. He lifted his head up a bit. I leant in to kiss his cheek and then he kissed me back. Having his warm lips on my cheek gave me a tingling sensation there once I pulled away. I was trying not to blush. Even though it had been for a second I felt like time slowed down. But he was just trying to be polite, right?

I sat back down and the game started again.

"Job choice?" Niall

"Teacher or Dancer."

"Background culture?" Zayn

"Born in Australia but my family is Italian." I said proud of my culture.

"How bout your aunty?" Louis asked obviously trying to show me off to his friends.

"Oh yeah, my aunty married into the family and she's Japanese. So in school I learnt a bit of Japanese.." I said.

"So how many languages do you speak?" Liam asked astounded.

"Italian, a bit of Japanese and English!" I laughed on the last one.

"Cool. First kiss?" Harry said smiling. I thought for a moment.

"My first boyfriend when I was 15. School dance under the moonlight." I said dreamly remembering the time.


"Do you maybe wanna go outside?" Aaron asked politely. I nodded looking at his dreamy eyes. It was the night of the school dance and I had spent the whole time dancing with my friends and talking to Aaron. And we walked outside the cool night breeze hit my face blowing my hair back. He took me down to the edge of the school oval. Looking up at the stars I smiled to myself. It had been the perfect night.
Aaron cleared his throat. "So Francesca, there's something I've wanted to ask you for a while..." I looked over at him and he has never looked this nervous.

"M-hm, what's up?" I said quietly turning to face him. He looked me straight in the eyes when he said this.

"I was wondering if you would, like to be...." he said as we started to lean forward.
"My girlfriend." he finished.

"Of course," I whispered as our lips finally touched. My first kiss and I could already feel sparks flying. It was slow and passionate. Once we pulled away we held our foreheads together for a while. In a comfortable silence. Staring into each others eyes. Beautiful.

**End of Flashback**

Clicking fingers in my face brought me back to reality.

"You-who!" Harry sang. "Lil Miss Daydream? We still have more questions!"

"8 to be exact." Louis said counting his fingers.

"Okay well get on with it!" I said a bit sad to be pulled out of my daydream. Forget about him Francesca. Pull yourself together.

"Hobbies?" Liam asked. He seemed to regained a bit of confidence.

"Dancing, singing, drawing!"

"Any pets?" Niall

"A couple of birds, I can't remember how many and a cat called Happi!"

"What a name," Louis commented

"Oi! I spelt it with an 'I' to make it more special." I said

"Okay, um....Sibilings....except know" Zayn said trying not to make me cry.

"Alessio? Yeah and then I have a twin brother Leandro." I said pretending not to care. Even though it had been two years I still haven't gotten over it.

"Twin. You're a twin?" Harry asked.
"Yep" I said popping the 'p'.

"Favourite food?" Niall said.

"Spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmm yum." I said

"Celebrity crush?" Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows again.

"J-Hutch! Totes!" I squealed. They all looked at me confused. My jaw pracitcally hit the floor. They didn't know who he was.

"Joshua Ryan Hutcherson? Like the hottest, most sexiest man alive?" I said shocked.
They all just looked at each other confused.

"Zathura? RV? Bridge to Terabithia? Journey to the Center of the Earth?" I asked desparetly.

"Oh I've seen Bridge to Terabithia, is he the boy?" Liam asked.

"YESS! Finally! Here's a photo." I said as I pulled out my phone. They all looked at him.

"He's not very attractive....I mean like I'm sexier....just saying." Harry said. I swear I was gonna hit him. I looked him straight in the eye and said,

"Wanna bet?"

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