Stop The Tape

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When Francesca gets back from Student Exchange, everything has changed. Her best friend Louis has become a national superstar. When she goes to find him she meets the 4 boys with him. Will she find love, heartbreak or everything in between?


4. Mr Know It All

Chapter 4: Mr Know It All

We played for a couple more questions and it was around lunch time. I got up from the table and collected all the plates and cutlery. The boys didn't protest at all. Rude.

I walked into the kitchen and knew what Jay was talking about. This is really messy. Like, I can't even describe it. I moved towards the fridge and looked inside. There wasnt that much food in it but I guess there was some mince meat. I could defrost it and make some meatballs for lunch. I pulled out all the ingredients I needed and put the meat in the microwave. There was already some sort of mystery food in there and it smelt like it had been there for atleast a couple days. I immediately threw it in the bin. I could hear the boys quietly chatting at the table. I was dying to know what they were talking about. But instead I started to clean up the bench, waiting for the meat to be ready.

Louis POV:

As Francesca got up and collected the plates and stuff I saw Liam's eyes following her. She walked into the kitchen and made an disgusted sound. I turned to the boys and smiled. I can't believe she's back. It feels great to have my little sis back. We're so lame.

"So, how do you like her?" I asked all of them.

"She's really cool, I guess and amazing voice. I'm surprised she didn't go on XFactor!" Niall exclaimed.

"It's easy to annoy her isnt it?" Harry asked cheekily.

"Yeah, you just have to be really 'boyish' as she calls it. And she gets annoyed when all I talk about is how hot girls are and disgusting's fun!" I said

"She isn't shy is she? We only met her a couple of hours ago and she hugged and kissed us...." Zayn said with an indescribable face.

"Well that's just her..although when I first met her she was really quiet and shy but then I guess when she gets used to you she is really crazy. I don't know why she was comfortable with you guys this early though..." I said a bit confused. Liam was still quiet. Like he was waiting for something. He was playing with his hands and looking towards the kitchen door.

"Liam?" I asked. His head snapped to me at the call of his name. "What do you think of Francesca?" he thought for a while and then opened his mouth but then closed it.

"She's......pretty...." he said quietly. All of the boys started making smooching noises and holding their hands to their hearts. Everyone except for Zayn. He was just staring at Liam with eyes wide.

"You're not getting a crush of my best friend are you Li?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Harry turned to him.

"You have a crush on me?!" he said acting shocked. Everyone started laughing. Francesca popped her head out the door. With a smile on her face.

"What's so funny?" she asked. She had something in her hand. Everyone turned to me expecting me to make an excuse. Liam looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Uh....I was just telling them.....when uh...." I couldn't think of anything, "We.....played that prank on Leandro and Sarah..." That was the worst excuse. She had a confused expression on her face.

"I can't remember that....what happened?" she asked. I looked over at the boys.

"When you...they were...uh.." Harry started.

"They were making out and you threw ice on them...I think....right Lou?" Niall said. I slowly I nodded my head looking at Francesca.

"Right....remember Cesc?" I said uneasy. I was hoping that she would think that it actually happened. She thought for a while.

"Oh yeah! But I'm pretty sure it was jelly. Geez, get it right Lou." she said as she walked back into the kitchen. I was shocked.
Then I remembered. We made jelly the night before. Leandro had a girlfriend back then called Sarah. She was a real b*tch. I mean, no one could stand her. So when they were making out in the backyard we ran out and threw all the jelly on them. I can't believe I forgot.
Niall looked over at me as shocked as I was.

"Did you actually do that? Cause that is genius!" he said cracking a smile. We all started laughing again. I told the whole story and could barley finish the end. Sarah ended up ignoring Leandro for the week. It was Legend-wait for it-dary. After a while Francesca popped out again. "Can someone help me out?" she asked. Zayn flew out of his chair.

I turned to the other boys. "Well something's definitely going on there.." I muttered. A couple of minutes later Zayn came out with some plates. He sat back down as we waited for Francesca to come back. She finally came back with a plate filled with meatballs. Once she placed it on the table we all dived for them. There were only a couple left for Francesca. We were all happily eating and then she spoke up,

"So, how do you like them?" she asked hopefully. We all mumbled a cross between a 'Yum' and a 'Yes' because we were too busy eating. It was around 2:00 now and fiddling with her hands.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She looked down at her phone.

"Uh, I think I have to go now..." she said quietly texting someone. I looked around at the boys and then back to her.

"Wh-Why? Can't you stay?" I asked feeling a bit sad. She looked up at me.

"I need to help Tash unpack the boxes. She's probably getting worried....I was only supposed to stay for a bit.." she explained. Everyone went 'aww.' She just laughed at them.

"If you guys are free tomorrow then you could come to my place," she offered. I thought for a bit.

"I don't think we have anything on....Liam?" I asked. He always knew. He got up and check the calendar we had.

"No, no I don't think so...we're actually free for the week! It's amazing.." he said happily.

"Alright, it's settled. I'll text you the address and you guys can come for lunch or dinner or whatever." she smiled. She was always taking control. She knew what to do in any situation....unless of course it was sport.

"Cool" we all said as she reached for her bag. We all stood up and led her to the door. She hugged us all and said bye.

"We'll miss you!" Harry screamed dramatically as she was walking down the street.

"Missing you already my love!" she screamed back. And then she was gone. It has been one of the best days since we had been back from the XFactor tour. I just couldn't wait till tomorrow.


Once we walked back inside, Zayn turned to me.
"Have you guys, you know, ever dated?" I looked at him as if he were crazy.

"No! Why would you ever think that?" I said going a bit over the top. "I mean shes awesome and everything but....she's not my type.." he looked relieved.

"It's just you guys looked really close...I mean, you were sharing food!" he said laughing.

"It's cause we're like this!" I said girl-ishly crossing my fingers together. He just shook his head and laughed at me. As I sat back down I sighed to myself. I can't believe I forgot she was coming home...I still remember it so clearly.


As I was standing at the airport with Francesca and her friends I just started to feel a bit bad. I mean what if haven't been there enough for her? Have I been spending to much time with Hannah?
She must of noticed I was getting worried because she walked up to me and hugged me. A bit unexpected...but I hugged her back. I heard someone sigh behind me, I didn't bother turning round cause I was too caught up in the moment. When we finally let go she had to look up at me. She was so small.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." she said quietly.

"You know I have to, your my baby sister," I joked

"Wow, 5 sisters, I can't believe you haven't turned out gay," she laughed.

*All passengers leaving for flight 546, Rome, Italy please board now*

We both looked at each other and she sighed. We hugged again and then she went to say goodbye to her family.

As she was walking down the terminal she quickly turned around,

"You better win XFactor for me Tomlinson!" she screamed. We all laughed. Once she was out of sight everything was quiet again. Someone tugged on my arm. I looked down to see Daisy looking up at me.

"She's gonna come back, right Wouwie?" she mumbled. I bent down and picked her up.

"Yeah! Of course! She'll be here before you know it!" I said pretending to be happy. But really, I felt like crying.

**Flashback Over**

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