The Secrets Lie Beneathe the Lines

***Sequel to "Don't Tell Me A Lie"
As MaKayla finds out her mother is alive she reads a text that leads her to a place she has no reccognition with. This leaves Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, and Harry on the job to find where she is before it's to late.


10. No One Owes Him Anything

MaKayla's P.O.V

My father, tell me that I was not related to him at all. This killed me. He started asking more questions like how we know Rhonda, how close we are to her,and why how much we knew about her. We all answered pretty much the same.

We each got pulled into a room and got blind folded. We were asked multiple questions about or selves. The questions ranged from: How old are you? to Who are the closest people in your life? When I was able to see again it was only me and Scott in the same room alone.

It was silent for what felt like years, but was really a few minutes. All he did was stare at me and check out what I looked like,it felt like he was going to be silent the whole time until he admitted it.

"I'm your father."

"I know. I wasn't born yesterday, as you should know." I spat at him.

"You're exactly like her."

"Like who?" I asked even though I knew what the answer was.

"Her." he said while staring at me. I took the answer and delt with it.

"Why do you want to know where she is?" I asked.

"She owes me something."


"She owes me love." When I heard that I just couldn't bear to look at him. He was the one that left her, she didn't leave him, and he thinks she owes him something? Well he's wrong. Deadly wrong.

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