The Secrets Lie Beneathe the Lines

***Sequel to "Don't Tell Me A Lie"
As MaKayla finds out her mother is alive she reads a text that leads her to a place she has no reccognition with. This leaves Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, and Harry on the job to find where she is before it's to late.


7. 7550 Weery st.

Zayn's P.O.V

We all got to the police department and had them trace the phone. They traced it back to 7550 Weery st.

"That can't be. That is my mom's house. That's not it check again."

"Sir that's-"

"Check again!" I rose my voice. The police officer did as so. It came out the same address as last time. I thought to my self for a second then just walked out of the building.

"Zayn are you okay, mate? Louis asked.

"No. They tracked it to my mothers house. She would never do this."

"Zayn, do you think that maybe...I don't know maybe she's caught to?"

"Right now I have no idea. I just want to find MaKayla before it's too late." I said while lighting a cigerette. I didn't smoke much, but when I was under stress I had to get a smoke in.

"Alright mate I understand let's go get her." Louis said while everyone piled into the car. On the drive there everyone was silent and in tears. I could barely drive all I could think about was if MaKayla was okay.

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