The Daughter of Poseidon

Percy Jackson has just found out he is a half-blood. But that's not all his mom didn't tell him. Percy has a twin sister who was an orphan named Alexis. Lexi doesn't know she is a half blood yet though. Until a saytr named Annabelle shows up and so does a Cyclops. Lexi is as confused as Percy was but actually believed when she gets to half blood hill and sees all the Dryads and Chiron.


4. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

I woke up with Annabelle above me. "How long have I been out?" I asked. "About two days. Percy is still out though." she replied. I sat up and got off the hammock. I went over to Percy who was beaten up worse than I. "He is always going to try and protect me huh?" I asked Annabelle. "I'm afraid so." Annabelle replied.

We went outside onto the porch and I saw two men. One I knew as Percy's teacher but he was different. He was a centaur. Half-human, Half-Horse. "Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself properly." he said. "I am Chiron the activities director." he finished. "I'm Alexis Jackson. Percy's twin sister." I replied. He looked stunned. "Well I do know who your father is so I'll put you in that cabin after you start your training." he said.

The first activitie I did was sword fighting with the Hermes cabin. I met this bot who was about 16 named Luke. He was way better than me. But I beat him once. The things I'm really good at is archery and I can make some shields. I made Percy one but it was disguised as a watch. I went to dinner that night and sat at Percy's and I's cabin table. When people saw me sit there they looked at me like I was an alien. I hated it I forgot that I was the daughter of one of the big three. Poseidon.
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