The Daughter of Poseidon

Percy Jackson has just found out he is a half-blood. But that's not all his mom didn't tell him. Percy has a twin sister who was an orphan named Alexis. Lexi doesn't know she is a half blood yet though. Until a saytr named Annabelle shows up and so does a Cyclops. Lexi is as confused as Percy was but actually believed when she gets to half blood hill and sees all the Dryads and Chiron.


14. Wait back up now

"We got to go!" Percy yelled. I nodded and jumped into the car in the lobby and got the keys from where they usually put them. Up in the mirror. "Get in!" I yelled to everyone.
Okay let's back up right now. As you know we went into a casino so. Well I'll tell what happened up to this.
The guys shared a suite and Annabeth, Annabelle and I shared a suite. I loved this place. I had a feeling this wasn't really a good place to stay but my bed was so comfy. I fell asleep and I had a wierd dream. I heard a voice that I knew and saw my dad. He was being held by Hades just like Sally. "We have to get out of here and help Percy and Lexi." he said to Sally. "I already tried to get out Carlos we can't. I miss them so much." she replied. "I'm right here!" I tried to yell. But they couldn't hear me.
Suddenly I woke up. I got dressed and knocked on the boys door. Travis came and answered. "Hey. Can I talk to you?" I asked. "No problem." he said. We went down to the arcade place in the casino. "We need to find the pearls." I said. "Why so soon?" he asked. "Hades has both my mom and adopted dad." I said. He nodded. "Well there here." he replied. So I looked around for the pearls. I found one of them. I couldn't find the other. I saw a kid playing with marbles. I saw a blue one. "Hey kid can I look at that blue marble?" I asked. He nodded and handed it over. I saw it was the pearl. "Can I keep this?" I asked. "Sure I didn't like it that much." he replied.
Percy ran into me. "Hey we got to leave some people here have been here for like 70 years." he said. "Okay let's gather everyone else." I replied.
I found Annabeth and Annabelle playing a game when you build your own city. Travis found me. Grover was playing a game when deer shot humans. We started to go to the elavator when a security guard stopped us. "Your visit isn't done here." I shot him a dirty look and he moved out of the way. When we got to the lobby lots of guards were waiting for us. When they weren't looking I got into the car in the lobby so on you already read this part.
I knocked all of the guards out of the way and drove out the front doors.
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