The Daughter of Poseidon

Percy Jackson has just found out he is a half-blood. But that's not all his mom didn't tell him. Percy has a twin sister who was an orphan named Alexis. Lexi doesn't know she is a half blood yet though. Until a saytr named Annabelle shows up and so does a Cyclops. Lexi is as confused as Percy was but actually believed when she gets to half blood hill and sees all the Dryads and Chiron.


15. The Underworld

We went to Hollywood and went to the sign. We were going to the underworld. Travis held my hand my brother held the other. I pushed on the Greek sign for Hades. Then a tunnel opened and Percy and I went in first. I saw a man in a boat. We walked over and said, "We are here to speak with Hades."
"Yeah like I'll take you demigods and your saytr friends." he said in a cold voice.

"Here take it or leave it." I said. I showed him a sack of golden drachma. He snatched it and motioned us in. Travis and I sat together then Percy and Annabeth and finally Grover and Annabelle. The man took us to the gates. We got out and looked for Hades palace.
We started to walk by a cave. And the shoes that Luke gave us were on Grover and Annabelle and the shoes started to take them in. I tried to grab Annabelle but she went in. I saw a pit and knew exactly what it was. It was Tartarus. It had the remains of the Titan lord Kronos's remains down there. Grover and Annabelle got one shoe of each other but the ones they still had on almost took them in there. If it wasn't for Percy who cut off the wings. The shoes flew into the pit by themselves. "Thank Gods!" I yelled and hugged both Grover and Annabelle. Then I realized that something from the prophecy just happened. "You shall be betrayed by someone who calls you a friend. Luke. He was going to take Percy and I into Tartarus." I said out loud. Percy nodded after he thought about it.

When we got to the palace I opened the door and Hellhounds came for us. "Hey get down these are guests!" a woman yelled. I knew who she was the wife of Hades. Persephone. "Hello Peresphone. Harvest godess and also queen of the underworld. We have come to see Hades." I said. She led us to a room where the man with shaggy black hair stood. "Hello Hades I am Alexis please call me Lexi with my brother Percy and our friends Travis Stoll, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood and Annabelle James. We are here for my adopted father and our mother." I said.
Hades smiled. He had a crooked smile. "You have some spunk daughter of Poseidon. But first things first give me the master bolt." I got angry I didnt have it. "I don't have it. I threw the shield Luke gave me to use off. And inside was the bolt. Persephone picked it up and shocked Hades. "Finally! He's been so annoying! Alright you can take your mother and father and go." Peresphone said. I took out the pearls and Peresphone said, "Each pearl only takes one person two of you will have to stay" Annabelle and Grover stayed making us go. I regretted it but it was our only hope to get to the summer solstice on time.
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