The Daughter of Poseidon

Percy Jackson has just found out he is a half-blood. But that's not all his mom didn't tell him. Percy has a twin sister who was an orphan named Alexis. Lexi doesn't know she is a half blood yet though. Until a saytr named Annabelle shows up and so does a Cyclops. Lexi is as confused as Percy was but actually believed when she gets to half blood hill and sees all the Dryads and Chiron.


10. "I'm in Love with you."

We followed the map and ended up in Denver. Annabeth was hungry so we stopped at a diner. We had to use two separate booths though. Travis and I shared one by ourselves. The waitress saw us come in together because when she came over she asked us all what we wanted. Everyone asked for a burger and some fries. "Do you have any money?" the waitress asked. I looked into my pockets for my wallet. I couldn't find it though. Someone stole my wallet. "Someone stole my wallet guys." I said. Grover had only drachmas. That's all that we had Golden drachmas. "We don't take stuff like that I'm sorry." she said.
We left starving. We walked and saw a abandoned water park. We climbed over the fence and I saw the gift shop was just left open so I went in there to find something to wear. I found a red sundress. I put it on and went outside and walked in the tunnel of love ride that needed water. I wanted to go to sleep so I lied down in one of the little boats. I heard someone walking toward me. I sat up and saw Travis wearing a t-shirt and some jeans. I had to admit he looked hot.
"Hey." he said. He sat by me. "Hey." I replied. It felt wierd sitting by him in a ride for couples. "So crazy quest so far. Right?" he said. "Yep." I said. "What you want to do?" I asked. "I don't know sit here with you maybe or go see if there is something to eat." he replied. "Let's go then." I said. But before I could get out of the little boat Travis held me close to him. "I love you Lexi." he said. He kissed me and I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. "I love you too." I said.
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