The Daughter of Poseidon

Percy Jackson has just found out he is a half-blood. But that's not all his mom didn't tell him. Percy has a twin sister who was an orphan named Alexis. Lexi doesn't know she is a half blood yet though. Until a saytr named Annabelle shows up and so does a Cyclops. Lexi is as confused as Percy was but actually believed when she gets to half blood hill and sees all the Dryads and Chiron.


3. Camp Half-blood but a surprise meets us

I woke up on the bus instead of Annabelle or Percy by me it was Grover. He hadn't really talked to me the whole time but I finally heard him say something, "Hey we have to walk the rest of the way." "Alright." I said getting up.

When we got out and were in the woods where nobody could see us Grover took his shoes off, then his pants. And what we saw were goat legs. "What the heck?" Percy said. "He is a saytr. Duh." I said. Percy looked at me annoyed. Then Annabelle took off her leggings under her skirt and sneakers. And goat legs again. "I hated wearing that stuff." Grover said. "Me too." Annabelle said. Then I saw a hill with a pine tree. I wanted to run but Percy was tired. We got up there and I saw a woman that had dark hair over by the tree. "Mom?!" Percy asked. Then he ran so I followed. When we got there Percy's mom hugged him. "Grover told me you'd be coming here." she said. Then she saw me "Percy who is this?" she asked. "This is Alexis Jackson and she is like me. Lexi this is my mom Sally Jackson." he said. "How do you do?" I asked Sally. "I'm fine. Who are your parents?" she asked. "I'm not sure who my real parents are I was adopted." I said. Her face was astonished. "My little Lexi!" she said hugging me. Then I realized I have a brother. "Lexi is my sister?" Percy asked. "Yes your twin sister." she said. "We're Twins?" Percy asked. Sally nodded.

But then we heard a wierd sound. A growl. I didn't know what it was but I knew it was bad. I picked up a sharp stick. Not a sword but it was pretty sharp. Then came out the worst thing to fight I'm sure. The minatour. It came toward Percy and I. "Okay I'm getting sick of this." I said. I charged for it and tried to kill it but it threw me away and went to Percy who got out the sword from earlier. "Really?" I asked. Percy tryed to get the creature but it threw him away too. Then I realized its going after our mom. "Mom! No!" Percy and I yelled at the same time. But it was too late the minatour picked her up and turned her into gold dust. I got up and went to Percy. "Give me the sword." I whispered. He gave it to me. I ran to the minatour and got him in the stomach and like our mom it disintegrated. Then I passed out.
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