Save you tonight

Four best friends have been kidnapped and beaten for 2 when they get a chance to run away will they find there kidnapper or there prayers be answered read to find out this is first one


3. The secret is out

I missed him so much and I told him that and he told me that he missed me to he cried every night in the alley waiting for me to come home but I didn't intell to tonight I gave him a hug and went to my room I knew I was safe cause I was with my brothers and my mom Greg never talked about me but I was kinda sad that I didn't tell him I was here I was afraid cause the kidnapper was coming for us. *next morning* I told everyone Niall horan was my brother they freaked out but I know Niall was looking at Kenna and he said to me I love Kenna do u know if she lies me back I whispered in her ear and she said yes they went on one date then I hear a knock it scared me I told my mom to get it she did it was Louis Harry Liam and zayn I hugged them said I missed them and they heard about us and saw the scars on us they said they where sorry and they will protect us in any way then there was another knock we knew who it was so we hid cause he was coming for us and my mom opened the door and he said is Taylor shaylor Kat and Kenna here she said no sorry I don't know them. She closed the door as he walked away we came out and said thank you mom we really are thankful for you sticking up for us the Greg texted Niall and said I heard shaylor got kidnapped is she alright my little sister she gone Niall texted an said her friends are here hiding want to see her come quick as you can he was over in 5 but he came in and gave me a big hug and said he was glad I was alright then I forgot to tell my mom there where two people so the other one knock we his so scared greg answered the door and he said r there girls her names Taylor shaylor Kat Kenna no sorry he saw are heads and he came in scared we ran to grab a knife but it was to late he shot shaylor in the left leg and Greg stabbed the guy and he was died alright he took us to the hospital I lost a lot of blood and I was passed out form all the blood
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