Save you tonight

Four best friends have been kidnapped and beaten for 2 when they get a chance to run away will they find there kidnapper or there prayers be answered read to find out this is first one


1. Kidnapped

My friends and I where walking to the store to get something to eat when we where walking this guy with black hair,blue eyes,In the 20's came up to us and grab us one by one and but us in the car. We where scared Taylor has brown eyes,black hair,short . Shaylor has red hair,Hasel eyes,tall. Me ( Kenna) has redhair, green eyes, medium height. Kat blonde hair,blue eyes,tall
We're in the back I could See the fear in there eyes at 14 kidnapped by a weird guy we stayed calm as best as we could. Shaylor was tough. When we got there he told us to sit down on the bed but he took Taylor she seemed scared.
Taylor's pov
He took me I was scared he sat me on the bed and he took out something and Hit me in tell I bleed then he gave me one last look and I knew it was going to be hard. Then he told me to sit down there well he got shaylor
Shaylors pov
I was scared more than ever I thought I could run but I couldn't he would find me I knew where we were in Ireland visiting Kenna's parents but I never thought that this trip would bring an hard thing to run away from like my fears but this is worst he brought me to his room and took a stick it had blood on it already I thought he killed Tay then he beat me intell I bleed to death he told me to sit by Tay I thought he wanted me to die here with her by my side but Taylor was in shock and her face was covered in blood and her legs I looked at me so was I. I made my way to the bathroom an I was so beaten and he did that with everybody. Kenna was scared I could tell but we didn't show him are fears. My head was pounding. He did that everyday it was so bad were we had passed out from all the blood gone
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