Save you tonight

Four best friends have been kidnapped and beaten for 2 when they get a chance to run away will they find there kidnapper or there prayers be answered read to find out this is first one


2. 2 years are done

After two years we got are chance to run away an we did we ran to an alley and then we heard this loud sobbing and it was Niall horan we asked him what was wrong he said my little sister got kidnapped an I been waiting here for her since then waiting for her to come then he saw shaylor his eyes lit up
Shaylors pov
I told them I was adopted by nicki and Dan Babbitt but I never told them who but me up for adoption. When I was 3 Niall was 5 Greg was 7 I got out up for adoption while there where at school we went to Nialls house and then when my mom saw my her eyes lit up like a candle in the night sky she told us we can stay with her as long as we want then we went to my room from when I was 3 then I went to Nialls room to tell him I like Liam then I told him I missed him he said when he came home from school he cried for days cause I was gone then I told him I missed him and we talked and then I feel asleep he woke me up and said that he missed me and then we talked and he said that Liam is coming soon and I told him about Kenna and how much she loves him and he told me how much he loves her we. Talked about the scars the hurt in are eyes how I was scared he is going to find us and kill us or beat us Agian and we had enough pain but we got 2 as much cause he found his friend and he did the same thing and we where in pain I told him I
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