Nahla-Marie (Naw-La) Has Just Graduated From High School And She Is A Fan Of One Direction . She Currently Lives In England , And Ends Up Hooking Up With Niall . During Their Relationship Nahla Is Always Making Misjudgements On What Niall Was Actually Doing . Can Niall And Nahla Deal With Their Relationship , Or Will One Of Them Call It 'The End' ? .


1. Moving On

Nahla's P.O.V.
I rolled over and groaned as I looked at the clock. It was 10:00am on a Monday morning. I then smiled as I realized that I had graduated from high school on Friday. I also remembered that I was hungover after two and a half days of nothing but partying. Oh no. I rolled out of bed (a little to quickly) and ran to the bathroom where I threw up. Again. And again. As I got ready I nearly dropped my flat iron on my barefoot. I haven't noticed this before, but today would also be the day that I move out of my parent's house, and in with my older sister. Eleanor. El, for short. And yes, I really adored her. I finished getting ready quickly then packed up all my things. I ran downstairs and grabbed my cell. I texted El ; Sissy El ;) What Time Are You Coming To Get Me ? From El ; I'll Be There In Two ;) Excited . I smiled down at my phone, then proceeded out the door to meet my sister.
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