Lahote's Love Has Been Taimed

*Twilight Fanfiction* i do not own any familair characters~

Jayla Taime has a bad temper and bad attitide , she moves to la push washington and becomes friends with the pack , but they dont let just anyone hang out with them righ? She's meant to be there. But its not just because someone imprinted on her



3. Chapter 3

My dad actually said " we already have one corrupted child we dont need another". Which I took affence too. I mean i was not corrupted, i just knew how to string my words together so they went together very creatively... I mean so what if they were labelled 'curse words' . I walked downstairs with Jake still in my arms and almost lost my temper, which to be honest happens everytime i walk into a room filled with boxes.
"Jayla, wipe that ugly sneer off your face" said my mother with my Jayden on her hip. While putting pictures into a box after wrapping them with news paper.

" if you dont like it , you shouldn't have made is move to fuc-" I looked down at Jake" freakin Forks!" I said in a rude way , but she deserved it.

"Do not raise your voice at me , and how many times do i have to tell you? We're moving to La Push! "

" Jake go see if daddy's done in the garage" I said as i looked down at him and smiled brightly then kissed him on the cheek. He smiled when i set him down and ran off. I turned to glare at my mother. " I don't care what the fuck the town , country , its called ! You're still making us move to nowheresville and making me leave my friends!"

" Jayla I've had enough of your yelling for the past 3 weeks, if you don't shut your mou-"

" shut the hell up Lydia, this is all your fault , ugh! You stupid bitc-"

" JAYLA do not say another word !" Yelled my father as he walked through the front door. My dad was a pretty big guy at 6'7, huge muscles and tan. I turned to look at him,I was a major daddy's girl, but nothing can stop me from going off at my disgraceful mother; especially lately. I glared at him and crossed my arms under my chest. My glare soon melted as I saw Jake's face my from dads arms . I sighed angrily.

"The trucks are here, grab your luggage, pack it in the car and shut up" my dad said sternly.

I turned back to give my mother an icy glare but she didn't get to see it since she was walking away to give Jayden a bottle. I ran upstairs and did as told , with a permanent glare on my face.
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