Lahote's Love Has Been Taimed

*Twilight Fanfiction* i do not own any familair characters~

Jayla Taime has a bad temper and bad attitide , she moves to la push washington and becomes friends with the pack , but they dont let just anyone hang out with them righ? She's meant to be there. But its not just because someone imprinted on her



2. Chapter 2

"Jayla! Keep it moving! The tricks going to be here any minute! " yelled my mother from downstairs. I rolled my eyes.

"Lala" i turned around and saw my 3 year old brother Jake and smiled , he was the cutest thing ever ! He was also the only one i let call me "lala".

"Hey J , watcha doin here? Shouldn't you be helping mommy pack?" I said after picking him up.

He shook his tiny head " No , she told me to tell you to move your as-" he said in his babyish voice.

"DO NOT FINISH THAT SENTENCE" i yelled wide out eyed.

Everytime my mother was stressed she starts to swear , which my father tells her not too infront of the babies. Meaning Jake and my 10 month old brother Jayden.
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