Lahote's Love Has Been Taimed

*Twilight Fanfiction* i do not own any familair characters~

Jayla Taime has a bad temper and bad attitide , she moves to la push washington and becomes friends with the pack , but they dont let just anyone hang out with them righ? She's meant to be there. But its not just because someone imprinted on her



1. Chapter 1

Why does everything bad always happen to me ? I mean seriously! I did absoloutely nothing to deserve this... Besides getting kicked out of 6 schools and expelled out of 4... But that was a long time ago... No need to worry about that now. Anyways my name is Jayla Taime; pronounced like T-a-m-e , ya , i get alot if jokes for having a lastname like that, mostly because i have an " attitude". I dont think i have one, i just always say whats in my mind.

Anyways a couple months ago my parents told me i was moving and guess what? Today is moving day ! So not excited. Guess where im moving to . Nope you got it wrong. Im moving to washington . Guess where in Washington . Nope where moving to fucking La Push. Where is that you may ask? Its right by my life fucking sucks and 3000 km to are my parents high ?

Right now im currently standing in my room with it totally empty. Boxes are everywhere and im standing in front of my full length mirror looking at myself. I was kinda pretty ..i guess, i have brown-redish hair thats alittle passed my shoulders in pretty curls. I have hazel eyes with curly eyelashes that i hate. I'm tan as are most quilette's are. I'm 5'6 which a pretty good height for a 17 year old girl with nice curves. I sighed . I did not want to move .
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