Life, Love, and A Little Thing Called Friendship

You'd never want to be friendless, right? Or be the one who's the outcast, or maybe, fall in love.
Welcome to my life. As the new girl in fourth grade, I was spun into the world of best friends, enemies, and finding yourself.
Welcome to my nightmare. It's called Reality. And trust me, sometimes it ain't pretty.
(cover credit to Deliah's Designs from Miss Literati.)


4. The Start of It All

But, of course, the new year came. And as they say, the new year changes everything.

It all started one day at lunch. I held my lunchbag in my hand as I walked over to sit next to Ariana, like I did every single day. I smiled and was about to sit down when she said,

"That seat is saved for Eveylen, Beth." Confused, I tried to sit in the other one. When has she ever sat with Evelyn? "No! That one's reserved, too."

"Why?" I asked, "We always sit together, Ariana." She sighed, like I was giving her so much trouble. She glared at me.

"Because," she said. "I'll sit with you tomorrow, alright?" But the next day, the same thing happened.

"Beth, you can sit with me tomorrow!" she exclaimed, like I was being a bad friend by not letting her sit with girls who she never hung out with. "Alright?"

Dejectedly, I mumbled, "Fine." But day by day, I was excluded by my only friend. I hadn't bothered to find any others. But that was only the begining.





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