Life, Love, and A Little Thing Called Friendship

You'd never want to be friendless, right? Or be the one who's the outcast, or maybe, fall in love.
Welcome to my life. As the new girl in fourth grade, I was spun into the world of best friends, enemies, and finding yourself.
Welcome to my nightmare. It's called Reality. And trust me, sometimes it ain't pretty.
(cover credit to Deliah's Designs from Miss Literati.)


1. Prologe

Warning: All names and places have been changed for the safety of the author.

I was a fool in 4th grade. I thought I could trust her. I thought she would be my friend forever and ever.

But I lied to myself.

I remember thinking about a girl named Sophie, before I moved. She was a beautiful blonde and I imagined us watching the sky.

I was a idiot to think that.

I still remember everything. Not in exact detail. But I remember.

I have friends now.

I'm now going through the perils of middle school. But even 5th grade was horrible.

I'm not making this up.

I still hate the girl who did this to me.

For months, I was just poor, friendless Beth.

Of course, after fourth grade, I thought I had a Happily Ever After.

But I was wrong.

Wish to be me? Don't.

Welcome to my nightmare. Enjoy it if you can.

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