Life, Love, and A Little Thing Called Friendship

You'd never want to be friendless, right? Or be the one who's the outcast, or maybe, fall in love.
Welcome to my life. As the new girl in fourth grade, I was spun into the world of best friends, enemies, and finding yourself.
Welcome to my nightmare. It's called Reality. And trust me, sometimes it ain't pretty.
(cover credit to Deliah's Designs from Miss Literati.)


3. Meet Eveylen

Then December came.

It was really close to Christmas, and my teacher had annonced that there was going to be a "Secret Santa." That type of thing never happened at my old school. My old school was pretty boring. I believe we had to pick names out of a hat.

"Eveylen Sams," I mumbled to myself as I read the slip of paper. Evelyen was a tall girl who always hung around with this other girl. She had long brown hair, and brown eyes too. She was sorta, um, curvy, but that's what most girls in 4th grade were. Well, not me, anyway.

During the Christmas party, she openned my gift to her. It contained a Littlest Pet Shop, and some other little toys and trinkets for her to enjoy. She gave me my gift, a Zooble and a yellow and pink Slinky.

"Thank you!" I exlaimed, because I LOVED Zoobles. "Thank you, Evelyen! I love Zoobles! I wanted one for Christmas!"

"Thanks for the Littlest Pet Shop! I love it!" Evelyen said to me, and then we parted ways. So I could hang with Ariana, and she could hang with her friends. Who knew that this nice girl could turn so mean?

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