Life, Love, and A Little Thing Called Friendship

You'd never want to be friendless, right? Or be the one who's the outcast, or maybe, fall in love.
Welcome to my life. As the new girl in fourth grade, I was spun into the world of best friends, enemies, and finding yourself.
Welcome to my nightmare. It's called Reality. And trust me, sometimes it ain't pretty.
(cover credit to Deliah's Designs from Miss Literati.)


2. Her

Her name was Ariana. Ariana Contez, if you wanted to be exact.

Well, when I first met Ariana, it was the second day of fourth grade. I didn't have any friends, but I knew they would come. I think I was expecting it.

I remember her sitting next to me at lunch. "Hey there," I said. "I'm Beth."

"Ariana," she smiled in reply, and ate some of her lunch. "Aren't you the new girl?" She looked at me. But it wasn't a bad look. It was good. She made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like my old friends did. I trusted her.

Ariana was short, with dirty blonde hair. I hadn't really noticed her before, all I had known was that she didn't really talk much and she was most likely shy.  Maybe her friends were in a different class. After all, there were four 4th grade classes.

We chatted after that. Slowly, we grew into friends. And then, great friends. Everyday, we would sit at lunch together. I had once dared her to dip one of her Cheerios into ranch dressing. That's somthing you don't do with a stranger.

It is only reserved for the best of friends. Which soon, I learned that my amazing, "perfect friend" Ariana was not.

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