Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


21. Wings

Sydney's POV
Brittney was released from the hospital on yesterday, so our lunch plans were still on. We went to Nandos after El picked us all up. Paige, Brittney, and I had to go get our drivers license. I was going tomorrow to do it. And I didn't know when Brittney and Paige were going. We all talked about everything that had happened and then El had something she was dying to tell us. She held up her left hand and there was this gorgeous diamond ring on it and all of us freaked out! "Finally! You two are the cutest couple ever!!" I exclaimed. Everyone laughed. We planned to go to the mall in a week. Sunday was officially girl's day.
Harry's POV
I was just at home trying to learn piano when Sydney walked in. "Harry?" "Yeah?" "Whatcha doing?" "Failing at piano." "Want help?" "Please" She was so good at piano. She was helping me learn it since I had no idea how to. "Do you know how you were playing that really amazing song you wrote the other day?" "Yeah?" "Will you play and sing along? Please?" She agreed and played it for me. I was in complete awe of her voice and piano playing. She finished, and looked up at me. "What?" "You're amazing. You need to open for us when we go on tour!" "When do you go on tour?" "February" "I don't know." "We're going to Simon tomorrow. I don't care what you think about it, we're going." She grunted and I laughed. She went and showered. She knew I already knew what her voice sounded like, so she wasn't worried about not singing. She was singing 'Wings' by Little Mix. I recorded it and texted it to Perrie. She texted back. "Is that Sydney, singing, Wings?" "Yep!" "Oh my gosh!! She's amazing!!!" "Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!!" "I need to send this go the girls! Thanks Haz!" "You're welcome! I'm gonna send this to everyone else." Sydney walked out. "What did you do?" "What're you talking about?" I asked innocently. "Why is everyone texting me saying I'm a good singer?" "Because they finally realize you are." "I haven't sang in front of any of these people, besides Brittney and Paige." "Well... Maybe... I sent them a video of you singing..." I mumbled quietly. "You... What?" "I sent a video to them of you singing." I told her louder. "Why?" She asked mad. "I sent it to Perrie, and she told me she was going to send it to the girls, so I figured I would send it to everyone else. I'm sorry!" "It's okay. Thank you." She kissed me.
Perrie's POV
I couldn't believe Sydney was that good at singing. It was unbelievable. I sent it to the girls and they loved it. I texted Harry. 'You have to do something about that talent.' 'Hahaha I know, we're going to Simon tomorrow.' 'Good!! She needs to be heard!!' 'Yeah! I'm forcing her to go to Simon. We're going to get her drivers license tomorrow. So either before, or after that.' 'Yay! Tell Simon I say hi!' 'Will do!' Zayn came home with dinner. We talked about Sydney, and how we think she's going to be really big, we talked about Lou and El's engagement, we talked about Brittney and Liam, and we talked about nothing really interesting happening with Niall and Paige. Knowing our little group of ten though, something will happen. I got a call from El. "Perrie, you need to come over here!" "Why? What's wrong?" "Brad just showed up and is threatening Lou and I!"
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