Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


20. Where Are You

Sydney's POV
I got a call from Paige about 5 minutes after she told me she would be over at Brittney's. She was crying. "Sydney! You need to come back now!" "Paige! What happened?!" "I don't know! We got to Brittney's and I walked into the bathroom, and she was crying and I think she cut herself really bad. She lost a lot of blood and now she's in the hospital." "Okay we'll be there in about two hours or less." I told Harry and we left as soon as we could. We got there in an hour and a half because Harry was speeding. He knew I was freaking out. The crying probably gave him that idea. We ran into the hospital and asked where Brittney was and we went to her room as soon as possible. Paige and Niall were there. Niall had told us that Lou, El, Zayn, and Perrie were on their way. Once they got there, the girls stayed with Brittney, and the boys went out looking for Liam. We didn't talk much. It was quiet and we were all crying, Paige and I were crying the most.
Zayn's POV
I couldn't believe Liam would do this. I could see any of the rest of us doing this, but honestly not Liam. We called Karen. "Hey boys what's up?" "Do you know where Liam is?" Niall asked. "I thought he was with Brittney. So, no I haven't seen him, why?" "Because, he left last night and no one knows where he went. Brittney cut herself really bad, we think because of Liam disappearing, and now she's in the hospital, and so, were trying to find him." Harry responded. "Oh my gosh! Okay, well, I'll call him and let you know if anything happens." "We'll let you know too. Thanks! Bye!" "You're welcome. Bye." We called Dani, his ex girlfriend. "Hey Dani, have you heard from Liam lately?" We were all still really close friends. "No, not in a while, why?" "Because he went missing and we can't find him." "Oh really? How's his girlfriend." "She cut herself really bad, and now is in the hospital." "Oh my gosh that's terrible! Well, I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for letting me know!" "Thanks Dani!" We got a call from Liam about five minutes later. "Hey guys, where is everyone?" "Liam! Where the hell are you?!" Harry asked. "I'm at the flat. Why?" "Brittney's in the damn hospital because you left without telling anyone, and so she cut herself. Where were you all night?!" "I was out trying to get Brittney something special... Is she okay?!" "Umm what do you think?! He'll no she's not okay!! What were you getting?" "I was getting her a ring..." "Liam, it's been a month!" "No! A promise ring. Like, I promise that I'll always be there for you, even if we don't get married." "Well you better get your ass down to the hospital!" "Okay! Okay! I'll meet you guys there!!" With that we hung up and I turned to the guys. "How on earth could he be getting her a ring that late at night, and how could it take that long?" "Don't question our ability. If you wanted to go get something late at night too, you could probably get it too." Louis told me. Liam walked in and we got him into Brittney's room.
Liam's POV
"Hey guys, could you please leave? I really need to talk to her." I said crying. Everyone else left and I turned to Brittney. She was fast asleep. "This is all my fault. I should've told you where I was going. I should've told you." I fell asleep and woke up with Brittney smiling at me. "Brittney!!" "Liam! Where were you?!" "I was getting you this." I said pulling the ring out and she gasped. "But Liam..." I stopped her. "I'm not asking you to marry me. But I'm asking for you to promise me something." She nodded and I continued. "Will you promise me that no matter what, we will tell, each other everything, that we will always be there for each other, that we won't let anything get in between us? Even if we break up." She nodded and I slipped the ring onto her right ring finger. I spent the rest of that day with her, alone in that hospital room. Thankful that she was still alive. I loved her too much and I didn't know what I would do if she would've killed herself.
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