Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


4. The Surprise

Harry's POV
Liam, Niall, and I had made time to go out to Colorado to see, Sydney, Paige, and Brittney after our MSG concert. When we were meeting for the first time, they told us a little bit about themselves, so we new where they went to school, and that's where we decided to surprise them.
Sydney's POV
It's only second period and I'm dying to leave! You really appreciate being a senior in high school when you only have four classes.
"Can Sydney Soendlove, Brittney Castro, and Paige Anderson, please report to the principle's office." I heard over the announcements. 'Great! Another thing that makes this day, so amazing!' I thought. We were waiting in the main office when Mr. Jordan came out.
"Come on in girls!" He lead us into his office.
"Wh-" I started, but got cut off by my jaw hitting the floor.
"What are you doing here??" I asked the boys, obviously excited.
"We decided to come surprise you!" Liam answered.
"We'll! It worked!?" Paige laughed. Mr. Jordan had left the office. We talked to the boys for a little while.
"Crap!! I gotta get back to class!!" I suddenly realized. "We end at fourth period. Do you wanna meet after then?" I asked them. They nodded their heads and we planned to meet at my mom's after. I gave them the address and we headed back to class.
Paige's POV
I was texting Sydney and Brittney during fourth period.
'Did Harry, Liam, and Niall seriously just surprise us, here at school?!' Sydney texted.
'I think so. This might just be a dream though.' Brittney responded.
'I feel like it is a dream!! But I keep pinching myself and I'm not waking up!!' I replied.
'Guys. Harry, Liam, and Niall are going to be in my house!!!!! ...crap...' Sydney texted.
'Hahaha' I replied.
'You have to distract them for like five minutes so I can make sure it's clean!!!' Sydney texted. Wow, she finally has OCD about being clean!!!
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