Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


3. The Not So Disappointing Events

Sydney's POV
"They didn't fall in love with you!!" One boy teased.
"What a loser! Hoping THEY would fall in love with... YOU?!? Hahaha who would fall in love with you?!" Some girls teased me.
"Listen! It's bad enough that they didn't! Now will you please leave me alone?!" I yelled back. They just kept laughing and teasing me.
It was just me, Brittney, and Paige at lunch. Everyone else thought we were freaks.
"Have either of you two been made fun of?" I asked them.
"Um... Maybe just 100 times!!!" Brittney answered.
"Same!!" Paige agreed.
"Can't they just leave us alone?! I mean, we're already sad about it. We don't need them putting us down." They just shrugged.
Brittney's POV
I got home that day and looked at my phone. I was scrolling through my twitter notifications. So-and-so tweeted this, so-and-so tweeted that. And then I see, "@Real_Liam_Payne followed you." "AHHHH!!!" I started screaming and freaking out!!! I did a group call with Sydney and Paige.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!" We all screamed!!
"Wait! Why are you screaming?!" We all asked each other at the same time.
"Wait! One at a time!" Sydney said. "Brittney, you first! Paige, then you! And then I'll go!" She finished.
"Okay!" I started. "LIAM FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!!" I yelled into the phone.
"OH MY GOSH GUYS!!" Sydney spoke, " THEY DIDN'T FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!!" She paused. "BUT HARRY DID!!!" We all screamed.
"OKAY! Well I gotta go!! Bye!! Love ya guys!!" Sydney told us.
Sydney's POV
I decided to DM Harry.
"Hey!:)" I messaged him. I didn't expect a reply, but as soon as I locked my phone, I got a notification. "Hey babe!;) how are you?x" Oh. My. Goodness. Harry freaking Styles just DMd me!! I. Could. Die.
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