Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


25. Someone's Here For You

Sydney's POV
I decided to call my mum to tell her the good news!
"Hello mum!!"
"Who is this?"
"Umm it's Sydney!! Who else would it be?"
"Oh my gosh!! I didn't even know!! You have an accent!!"
"I do?!?!"
"Yes you do!!"
"Oh! I didn't even know! Okay well I called you because I'm opening the tour for One Direction on their new tour, and we're coming to Colorado. So, I'll be able to see you!!"
"Oh my gosh!! That's amazing!! When are you coming to Denver?"
"July 23 and 24. Our performance is the 24, and the anniversary is the 23. I'm really excited to see you mum!! Brittney, Paige, Eleanor, and Perrie are all coming to Colorado too. Since there's the anniversary and all!" We talked a little while longer and then we said our goodbyes. I hadn't called her everyday like I planned, but life got to be just too busy. Well, obviously she wasn't worried about it.
Harry's POV
Sydney called her mum and her mum told her she had an accent. I went on twitter since I had nothing else to do. "Hey! So I guess @sydspenlove has an accent now thanks to her mum! Who knew?" Sydney replied. "@harry_styles umm everyone now...? Haha love ya!" I looked over and she was silently cracking up with laughter. I just shook my head. "Hey. Everyone's coming over tonight. Just to let you know!" Sydney told me. "When did this happen?" "Just like ten minutes ago." "Oh! Okay. Well what are we going to do?" I asked her. We didn't have anything really exciting here. "Well, I know w lot of us like video games," she said pointing to herself. "And, I told them I would make shepards pie, since it's like the bomb. I got my mum's recipe. Well, technically it's my grandmum's recipe." "Wait, since when is your family English?" She laughed. "Umm since like, forever?" She teased. I just chuckled. "Welp, I'm going to go shower." And with that she skipped off to the shower. She was singing terribly, on purpose, and all I could do was laugh. She got out. "Did you like my singing?" She asked sarcastically. I just chuckled. "Yeah... It was... Special..." She giggled and got dressed. "Nice body." She turned away from me. "Don't look at me!" She yelled. She was so insecure and that hurt me because whenever she got hate, she would cry. And I hated to see her like that because I felt like it was my fault. "Sydney, why are you so insecure?" "Because... There's just a lot of things that could be better about me. I don't understand why you chose me? I'm not beautiful, I'm not special, there are so many girls who are so much better than me. I'm not good enough for you. Why'd you choose me?" "Sydney, don't talk like that. You are gorgeous, there's nothing wrong with you. You are special. I mean, c'mon you're going on your with us. Obviously you're special. And if anything, I don't deserve you. You're so beautiful, smart, and I don't deserve you. I could ask you the same thing. Why'd you choose me?" "There aren't millions of guys chasing after me. It's not like I had a lot of guys to choose from." She said teasing me. I just laughed. "No girl is better than you, and I never want another girl. If you leave me, I'll never love anyone." "I love you too much to leave you. And I'd be too sad to try to find anyone else to love." She's my true love. No matter what anyone says, I'll love her forever. I've never thought this about any girl before, but she makes my life complete. I honestly can't believe she'd move all this way for me. I'd do absolutely anything for her and I know the boys feel the same about their girls.

~a few hours later~
Sydney's POV
"Sydney?" Harry called out. "Yeah?" I responded. "Where are you?" "In the bathroom. Curling my hair and doing my makeup." "Do you want to come check on your pies?" I made ten mini shepards pie's because I find them better. "They've only been in the oven five minutes Harry! Why would I need to come check on them?" "Oh okay. I just didn't know how long they'd been in. They smell really good!" "Haha thanks Harry!" He walked in and turned me around and kissed me passionately. "What are you doing?" I asked in between kisses. "Can I not kiss my girlfriend?" He responded in between kisses. "Not when she's trying to get ready." I told him in between kisses. He laughed and let me get ready. There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Harry walked away to go grab the door. Not even a minute later, Harry called out. "Sydney, there's someone here for you." I sighed and walked to the door. My jaw dropped. "Dad?"
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