Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


10. Ribs

Brittney's POV
I turned over to see Niall and Paige kissing.
"AWHHHH!!!" Sydney walked in and saw them. They broke the kiss and started laughing.
"So? What does this mean?" Sydney asked
"Paige?" Niall started. All of us were watching. "Yeah?" She responded. We all knew what was going to be asked. "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course!" She responded quickly but sweetly.
Sydney's POV
I nudged Harry and brought him into the other room.
"Is Liam ever going to ask Brittney out?! Or is he just going to keep her waiting. Because I know how much she hates this." I told him.
"I'll talk to him! Don't worry!" He told me.
"Okay! I just don't want Brittney to be all sad and single." We kissed and walked into the other room. Harry told Liam he needed to talk to him and Brittney looked at me.
"Don't worry. I think you might like it." My phone vibrated and there was a text from Harry.
'He was going to ask her out on a date tonight and do it then.' Oh. My. Gosh. She will LOVE that.
'Yay!! Thanks babe!!' I got a text from Liam.
'Hey, what kind of food does Brittney like? -Liam'
'Her favorite food is ribs. So maybe a BBQ place? But she's a little messy when she eats ribs...'
'Hahahaha it should be adorable' after I read that, Liam and Harry came back in, and Liam took Brittney out of the room and they came back in and announced that they were leaving. Niall, Paige, Harry, and I were left at my moms. It was Friday night, so I knew my mom would be out tonight, and spend the night at her boyfriend's house.
"Paige, wanna spend the night?" I suddenly asked.
"Yeah sure! What about Brittney?"
"I don't think she'll be home tonight..." Niall said.
"Wait, why..." I was really worried for a little bit.
"Because Liam has already told us his plan for the night. He's gonna take her out for dinner, and he's gonna ask her to stay the night at the hotel. But Liam's not the kind of guy to do anything on the first date." I calmed down and texted Paige.
'My mom is staying the night at Joe's and not gonna be home til tomorrow night. Do you wanna see if Harry and Niall wanna stay the night?' After I sent it, I looked at her. She nodded and Harry and Niall were questioning us.
"Do you guys wanna stay the night tonight? My mom won't be home until tomorrow night." They both agreed. Paige and Niall went into the guest bedroom after they went to go get Paige's and Niall's stuff for the night and Niall grabbed Harry's stuff.
Paige's POV
Niall and I were in the car, and it was silent. Not an awkward silence, but a peaceful silence. We got to my house and I ran in real quick to tell my mom I was spending the night at Sydney's and I grabbed my stuff and left. We were on our way to the hotel when I got a text.
'Guys!!! Liam just asked me out!!! Ahhhh!! I'm so happy!!'
'Oh my gosh!! That's totes adorbs!!' Oh Sydney!
'Haha good job Sydney!! Only Kylee would say stuff like that.'
That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.
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