Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


8. Now What?!

Sydney's POV
"On the other side of the world, it don't matter I'll be there in two, I'll be..." Ugh... Time to wake up and face the wonderful world of high school!! Whoopie!!!
'Hey!!:/ here we go!! Time to see what happens now that you two are soon gonna be dating Liam and Niall and I'm dating Harry!! Whoopie for high school!!'-text from Sydney
'Wait!! Hold up!! What do you mean Brittney and I are soon gonna be dating Niall and Liam?!:D'-text from Paige
'Tell you at school. Wanna come over after school? I'll see if the boys wanna come too!!' -text from Sydney
'Ummm... HECK YES!!!'-text from Brittney
I got to school and right as I walked in, I was pretty much mobbed.
"Sydney! You look so cute today!!" From the girl who was making fun of me because I had hope of one of the boys falling in love with me
"Since when are you so gorgeous, Sydney?" From the boy who made fun of me in photography.
"Okay?! Seriously?? Stop!! You guys are suddenly being so nice to me just because I'm dating Harry!! Okay?! I'm not stupid! You guys were making fun of me for hoping I would be his girlfriend, and now that I am, you suddenly become my best friend!! So, just leave me alone!!" I was seriously frustrated. Brittney found me. "What was that for?! Aren't you enjoying the attention?" She asked me. "Honestly, no. I mean, I hated being made fun of, but I don't want people to fake being my friend just because I'm dating a celebrity." I told Paige and Brittney that I was texting Harry the night before and Liam and Niall said that they really liked them, and they were gonna ask them out. The five minute bell rang and I headed to first period. Since I had student aide first period, I texted Harry.
'Wanna come over same time today?'
'Of course babe!'
'Yay!:) haha Liam and Niall are gonna ask them out right?! They're getting all jealous cause I have you and they're all single and stuff!'
'Well yeah!! I'm amazing!;)'
'Haha!:) yes you are!!;) I'll call you after I leave! Bye!!'
The next three classes seemed to take forever because everyone was acting like my best friend.
"We are calling an immediate assembly for all students. Please report to the gyms as soon as possible. Can Sydney Spendlove, Brittney Castro, and Paige Anderson please come to the main office?" Ugh. Now what?!
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