Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


13. Graduation

(A/N: so I'm gonna skip ahead just because I really don't think anything would be important)
Sydney's POV
It was finally graduation day. Brittney, Paige, and I were all getting ready. Paige and Niall are completely better and the boys flew back for a few weeks. The longest few weeks of my life. They came for graduation. My mom and Harry have gotten pretty close. We get to graduate the day before Christmas break. Mr. Jordan still let us have the graduation at Red Rocks. For it being December 19, it's really warm in Colorado. The graduates had to be there earlier than the families and friends to get all ready. The graduation was at 4 and so Brittney, Paige, and I had already left. Everyone started showing up. The graduation started and ended and us girls, the boys, and our moms went out to dinner. In a week, Brittney, Paige, and I were moving to London. The boys were staying with us until we moved with them.
Harry's POV
Sydney and I were moving in together in a week I couldn't be happier. Liam, Niall, and I were all talking on the plane here about our girls. I can believe it was just under a month ago that I saw Sydney's beautiful face for the first time. Once we get to England, the boys and I were going to throw the girls a party and Perrie and Eleanor were going to come so that they could meet. Perrie and El have been telling us how excited they are to meet them, and Sydney, Brittney, and Paige have been telling us the same thing. The week went by really fast, and before I knew it, we were at the airport.
"You better take good care of my baby girl, Styles." Sydney's mom told me.
"Don't worry, I will." I assured her. Sydney turned to her mom. "I'll call you every day. If anything happens, I can go stay with Uncle Ernie. Everything will be just fine mom. Don't worry!!" The others had goodbyes with their families and Sydney went to tell the other mums goodbye. We got on the plane. I turned to Sydney. "Hey, can I ask you two things that might be kind of personal?" "Of course!" "What happened to your dad, and who's Uncle Ernie?" I asked and she laughed. "Uncle Ernie lives in Eastly, and my dad..." She got quiet. "You don't have to tell me!" "No it's fine! But when I was 7, he got remarried. My parents got divorced the June before that. So, he kind of rushed into things. But, whenever my stepmom was around, he was really mean, and wouldn't do anything for me. So I finally stuck up for myself and told him I was moving out and into my moms. We haven't spoken since, and I guess he moved somewhere..." "Oh my gosh, Sydney, I am so sorry!" She just shrugged, "it's fine Harry! He was an asshole anyway!" She said smiling. The rest of the flight, we talked about the flat and everything. And she fell asleep with her head on her shoulder.
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