Reality Ruined My Life

Sydney and her two friends went to New York to meet One Direction. Hoping one of the boys would fall in love with her, "Reality Ruined My Life," What will happen when she goes back to Colorado disappointed by her dreams?


37. Ferry

Brittney's POV
It was the day after Christmas, and we were heading to Liam's mum's house. It was weird to think that soon she would be my mum. I was on my phone when I noticed I had an email. I looked at it. It was from Jessy! How'd she get my email? Hm. "Brittney! This is Jessy! Where'd you go? I haven't seen you of a while? Well, anyway. I was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime? You can either email me, or call me or text me at: 10205553535. Thanks! ~Jessy" I thought about it for a minute, and decided to text her. 'Hey Jessy! This is Brittney! We should meet up in the new year! I'm doing online classes, so I'm not going to be in class anymore.' Liam turned to me. "Brittney?" "Yeah?" I replied. "I feel like you always have to homeschool for me." He said sadly. "Liam! I want to do this! I get to spend more time with you, and I don't want to be around college students that act like grade school students. Honestly, Liam. This is what I want." He smiled. We pulled into the drive. No one knew that we were engaged, so, we were telling his mom first. We walked in. We put our stuff up in Liam's room before going down to open more presents. We sat on the couches with mum (I better get used to calling her that). "Mum," Liam started. She looked up. "We have to tell you something." She looked concerned. "Liam and I," I started. "Are engaged!" Liam finished. She looked happy and angry at the same time. "Liam, can I talk to you for a minute?" She asked. He nodded and they walked into the other room. I was sitting on the couch awkwardly, and I could hear their conversation. "Liam. This is too soon!" She told him. "Mum! I love her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I want to be with her the rest of my life." He responded. She sighed. "Liam, it better be the right thing. I trust you." They walked back in and I fake smiled. Liam could tell, but he didn't say anything. We opened presents. Liam and I got more matching pajamas, and mum got a picture of Liam and I together with a customized picture frame. We talked for a little while, and I got up to change into my pajamas, and use the restroom. Liam followed me up. I changed and he was talking to me. "What was that fake smile for?" He asked me. "Liam, I hear everything you and your mum were talking about." Force of habit. "She's your mum soon too." He responded "I know, I know. Force of habit." I said starting to open the door to go to the restroom. He grabbed my arm and kissed me passionately.

Paige's POV
It was my first time heading to Ireland. I couldn't believe everyone but Niall and I were engaged. I was jealous, but I also knew that when he was ready, he would do it. We drove north, to get on a ferry. When we got to the dock, there was a ferry that Niall took me to. We were the only ones on the ferry. The ferry ride was going to take an hour, so we ate lunch on the ferry. We walked out after lunch, and I could see Ireland. I was really excited. Niall had disappeared, and behind me, was a trail of roses. I was confused how he got that so fast, but I just followed the trail. It went up stairs, and we were on the top. Niall was standing there, and he knelt down. He pulled out a beautiful ring. "Paige, this doesn't have to mean marriage, I could mean a promise, or even just a late Christmas gift. But, I want you to have this." I held out my left hand and he asked. "So, will you marry me?" I nodded, tearing up. He out the ring on my finger and stood up. He picked me up, and spun me around while kissing me. We were still kissing when he walked down to the main level of the ferry. The horn blew as to let us know we were almost there. We broke the kiss, and went and grabbed our stuff. We walked off the ferry, and there was a car waiting for us. We had to walk a little ways, and through paparazzi. We got in the car, and drove away. It took another hour to get to his house. We were in a limo so I laid on Niall's lap. I played on my phone and took pictures of him. I sat up and I took pictures of us. "Niall, can you teach me guitar?" I asked him. "Of course babe I'd love to!" He said happily. We arrived at his house, and automatically she saw the ring. "What's this?" She asked happy. "We were going to tell you!" Niall tried explaining. "It happened on the way over here." I helped. She just chuckled. "I'm going to have a daughter-in-law!" She cheered. "Maura-" I started "please, call me mum!" She exclaimed. I giggled. "Mum, I'm really happy to be apart of this family!" I told her sincerely. She just hugged me. "What about me?" Niall said jokingly. We added him to the hug and exchanged presents. I couldn't believe I was pretty much apart of the family, that I'd always wanted.

Harry's POV
We were headed to Cheshire. Mum had given me a lecture over the phone about the proposal, but she and Gemma did really like Sydney, so they were excited. We got stopped by police, but got let go once they saw who we were. They took a picture with us and sent us on our way. "See? You are out of control!" Sydney teased. "Yeah. But it's okay! I'm famous! So they let me go!" I replied. She laughed and put her headphones back in. She was singing some songs her and Paige wrote. I tapped her leg, and she took her headphones out. "Yeah?" She asked. "Ready for tour?" I asked. She looked really worried. "No" she said quietly. "You're going to love it! I mean, c'mon spending months with your fiancé? You're excited." "Oh yeah! And screaming fans! And haters! There's just a chance that I could get sick of all of you!" She teased. "I understand the fans, and especially the haters. But you can't get sick of One Direction! It's just impossible!" I exclaimed. She giggled. "We'll see about that, Styles." She teased. "Okay, Spendlove." I teased. It was weird to think that soon she would be Styles too, soon. I quickly responded. "You better be careful with calling me Styles, because soon, you'll be one too!" I cheered. She laughed and we pulled into the drive. We walked in and set our stuff in my old rooms and greeted everyone. They already knew about the engagement, so no awesome story! Sydney got a text from El. 'Call. Me. Now!' Sydney walked out of the room.

Sydney's POV
"Hey El! What's up?" "Ummm... There's something I have to tell you..." She responded nervous. "Yeah?" "There might be a baby Tomlinson, before there's a Mrs. Tomlinson."
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