Over Again

Lauren hates One Direction. She has nothing against their music or 4/5 of the boys. One boy in particular ruined her life. You thought Louis Tominson was perfect? Think again.


6. Chapter 6

Louis's P.O.V.

It was obvious she has figured it out. Probably when she hit her head on the back of the booth she remembered. She closed the door in my face and I sulked back to my car. Leaning against the door to the driver's seat, I decided to text the boys about it in our group message.  To: Leeyum; Nialler; Zaynie; Hazza 'Guys, I messed up. Remember how Anna blackmailed me a couple weeks ago? And how Lauren found out and I technically put her in the hospital? And how she didn't remember? Yeah well she remembers now. What do I do?' From Leeyum: 'You shouldn't have done it in the first place. No wonder Lauren doesn't want to stay with you. I'm sorry, but it's true. To Group Message: Well that's harsh. From Hazza: Liam's right. It's up to you what to do now, Lou. From Zaynie: Sorry, Louis. Got no advice for you here, except give her time to decide her feelings.  From Nialler: It was a mistake you made, mate. Ya want her back? Show her ya'r worthy. To Group Message: Thanks, Haz, ya foul git.  From Hazza: -_- I put my phone away. My friends weren't helping my mood at all, much less giving me advice on how to get Lauren back. I got into the car and thought along the way home. This was going to be difficult. Although Lauren was sweet and caring and had so many other great qualities, she was not forgiving.  "Anyone I forgive ends up stabbing me in the back all over again," she said to me a while back while she was responding to Anna's "can-we-be-best-friends-again-I-miss-you" text. And she had every right in the world to not forgive me. 
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