Over Again

Lauren hates One Direction. She has nothing against their music or 4/5 of the boys. One boy in particular ruined her life. You thought Louis Tominson was perfect? Think again.


5. Chapter 5

Lauren's P.O.V.
I definitely found it odd that Louis had bumped into Anna. At the mention of her name, I had a weird, almost vision, of my shower. I saw myself cut the deep gashes in my skin. Louis kept saying that the fight didn't matter, but I wanted to know why it got me so upset. As I leaned back against the booth, I forgot that the back of it was hard, and I hit my head on the back of the  booth. 
"Ow!" I winced. All the sudden I saw these flashes go through my mind. Louis and Anna making out, me running to my car, me upset, me yelling at Louis. As they flooded my mind, I realized what they meant. I stood up abruptly. 
"Screw you Louis Tomlinson." I stalked out of the restaurant and called for a cab. 
"Lauren, wait! I can explain!" Louis ran out of the restaurant. 
"You have five seconds before I get I a cab." 
"She blackmailed me. She made me do it," he panted, breathless. 
"Classic excuse. Bye." I slammed the door of the cab and told the driver where my apartment was. I sat in silence, sending mean messages to Anna. She deserved them. She replied with a simple, "feel better ;)" and I nearly exploded before I got out of the cab. I payed the driver a $20.00 and took the elevator up to my apartment. I took my keys out and opened the door. After I closed and locked the door, I took out my "I-hate-you" journal. I wrote horrible things about both Louis and Anna. I was horrible in that notebook. It was how I put on the nice act through the day. I put my headphones in to Ed Sheeran and fell asleep. 
*five minutes later*
"Lauren, please! I have an explanation!" I awoke to a certain jerk banging on my door. Grumbling, I reluctantly got out of bed and walked to the door. I yanked it open to see a destroyed Louis.
"What the hell do you want from me?" I was aggravated at the little asshole. 
"Let me explain. Please." Louis said, and it was all that he said. 
"Screw off, Louis."
"Please, Lauren!"
"Bye." I slammed the door in his face. There was no chance I could ever want that gorgeous face again.

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