Over Again

Lauren hates One Direction. She has nothing against their music or 4/5 of the boys. One boy in particular ruined her life. You thought Louis Tominson was perfect? Think again.


2. Chapter 2

Louis's P.O.V.

What have I done? I ran out of the room. I pushed people out of the way and got to the stairs. It was eight floors down; that didn't stop me. I had to see Lauren. I sprinted toward the entrance and straight to my car. I saw Anna in the parking lot.


"Not now Anna. I'll talk to you later," I said, my fingers fumbling for my keys. I found them in my jacket pocket. I unlocked the car and shoved the key into the ignition. I pulled out of my spot and drove out from the plaza. My head was spinning with images of Lauren. Why would I hurt her? I don't know why I did what I did, maybe I was drunk, but it's not an excuse. There is no excuse. I drove to her home, possibly speeding until I saw her apartment building. I jumped out of my car, not bothering to lock it. I ran up to her apartment itself, and I noticed the door was locked. I didn't care how bad my back would be the next morning, but I slept on the mat in front of the door.

*the next morning*

"Ugh," I groaned. My whole body ached from my night on the floor. I slowly got up, a sharp headache nearly brought tears to my eyes. My hand was inches from the door when I heard a scream.

"Lauren?! Are you alright?" I called, worried.

"Help!" she screamed. I searched frantically for the key to get in. I found it in the plant. I opened the door and heard a thump. The shower was running, so I ran into the bathroom. She was slumped on the wall, unconscious. Her blood was mixed in with the warm water and down the drain it went. I looked for the source of the blood. I looked at her bare body and in her hand she held a razor. I looked at her leg to see a huge gash.

"Wow, that's one shaving accident," I muttered. I didn't care that by now I was soaking, the warm water soothed my back and neck. I looked at her other arm and saw another large cut. My heart broke in half when I realized, it wasn't a shaving incident. It was because of me and my stupidity. Through tears I turned of the water and wrapped a robe around her. I took out my phone, hands trembling. I left it on the counter in the kitchen, which is why it didn't get wet. I called the ambulance.

"Hello, what's your emergency?" the voice registered as familiar in my head. 

"Lauren T-troyan is unc-conscious, sh-she lost a lot o-of blood," I stuttered.

"Louis? Oh em gee hey!" Anna exclaimed. I gritted my teeth.

"Anna, just get Lauren an ambulance,"  I commanded firmly. She sighed.

"Fine, it's on the way. I know the house address," she said. I waited impatiently for a couple minutes until I heard the sirens.

A/N: Hey everyone! So Lauren I imagine to look like Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars) and Louis to look like Louis if course! That's it and I hope you liked the chapter :) xx


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