Over Again

Lauren hates One Direction. She has nothing against their music or 4/5 of the boys. One boy in particular ruined her life. You thought Louis Tominson was perfect? Think again.


1. Chapter 1

Lauren's P.O.V.

"Louis?" my voice cracked.

"Oh sh...look Lauren, I'm sorry, I, well, Anna you might want

"-Okay, bye Lou!" Anna said cheerily. She got up and left.

"Lauren, I don't know what  I was thinking, I-"

"Save it. I thought we would have one of those fairy tale relationships. I guess not. Bye Louis," I said. I walked out the door. I just found Louis, shirtless, making out with some other girl. To tell the truth, I would have picked her over me, too. She was prettier, skinnier, and blonde. I ran off to my car. I leaned on the door for a while. It took me about five minutes to gather up enough willpower to get in the car. I started it and drove off to my apartment. I was surprised that I didn't cry. I changed Louis' contact on my phone from 'Lou Bear :) <3' to 'Louis Tomlinson' and threw my phone on my bed. I didn't even change; I went fell straight to sleep as soon as climbed into bed.

*the next morning*

I woke up at 11 feeling all grimy and gross. I dragged myself out of bed and went to take a shower. Louis was still sleeping-then I remembered. It just really hit me. Louis, my boyfriend of a year and a half, had cheated on me. With Anna.

*flashback to 7th grade*

"So, Anna, you want to be partners for that Civics project?" I asked my best friend.

"Actually, Lauren, I'm going to go work with Amanda," she said.

"Why? We always do projects together," I asked.

"Haven't you noticed? Amanda's popular," she said, rolling her eyes.

"So you're ditching me for popularity?" I asked, upset.

"Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you. We shouldn't be best friends anymore. Amanda said I can't be friends with her if I'm friends with you." her words stung so badly. I nodded and ran out of the classroom, tears pricking my eyes.

*end of flashback*

I was crying. I always thought that Louis would never hurt me. I got my razor out and shaved. Then I did it.

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