One Direction Imagines

If you would like an imagine please comment your name below and who you would like to be in it.. If you want it t be romantic or sweet, funny. Or anything else. Thank you.


4. Katy and Zayn

One day Katy was walking around in the mall with her friend Brianna. They were trying to decide where they wanted to eat at in the food court.. After some decisions, they finally decided on The Panda Express which is a Chinese food place. After they got their food, they sat down and began eating.. Brianna got up to go throw her trash away and she happened to notice two very attractive guys.. She ran back to Katy and once she told her, Katy decided to go up and talk to one of them.. One had curly brown hair and the other had black spiked hair..


Katy decided to go talk to the one with black spiked hair. She was very nervous but since she had been wanting a boyfriend for a while now, she thought this would be a perfect time.

Katy: "Hi, I'm Katy"

?: "Hey, my name is Zayn."

Katy: "Would you and your friend like to join us?"

Zayn: "Sure."


Katy introduced Brianna to Zayn. Zayn introduced Katy and Brianna to his friend. His friend's name was Harry, Harry Styles. Brianna always had a thing for curly brown hair guys. So Brianna had a crush on Harry. They were walking trying to decide what store to go into. The girls let the boys pick and they picked Hollister. When they walked in, The girls went their way and the boys went the other way.. Katy had found a pair of blue comfy sweat pants, and a pink Hollister hoodie. Brianna didn't find anything that she liked. When they met the boys Zayn had a pair of jeans and Harry had a jacket. After they checked out and they left, Zayn gave Katy his number.

*2 Days later*

Katy was sitting on her bed and all of a sudden her phone started ringing, it was Zayn.

Katy: "Hello?"

Zayn: "Hi, Love."

Katy:" How have you been?"

Zayn: "Good, can I ask you a question?"

Katy: "Sure what is it?"

Zayn; "Will you like to go on a picnic with me tonight around 6:00?"

Katy: "Sure, Ill see you then."

Zayn: "Ill pick you up around 6."

Katy: "Kay, Bye."

Zayn: "Bye,love."


After Katy had gotten off the phone with Zayn she started to get ready.. It was 5. She had an hour. She took her shower and then got ready. She was wearing a black strapless dress with black flats. She had flat ironed her hair. By the time she got ready it was 6. She heard the door bell ring, and she ran downstairs.

Katy: "Hi."

Zayn: "You look beautiful"

Katy: "Thanks."

They got into Zayns car, and then they got to the park and they had their picnic while the sun was going down.. Katy had a great time.. But what made the night perfect was the kiss while the sun was going down. Yes, Zayn Malik kissed Katy. That's what made her night perfect.


Here ya go Katy, sorry it took so long. I know this isn't exactly what you were wanting but I couldn't figure out a way for you to cheat on Zayn with Harry.. I hope you liked it. :)


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