One Direction Imagines

If you would like an imagine please comment your name below and who you would like to be in it.. If you want it t be romantic or sweet, funny. Or anything else. Thank you.


3. Hilly and Liam

Imagine you and Liam going on a bike ride on the beach. Well on the board walk. You didn't really like bike riding but since Liam had asked you, you said yes. I mean who would turn down a date with the sexy Liam Payne? You had no idea what to wear, so you went with the yoga pants and a t-shirt with tennis shoes. You figured that should be comfortable for riding a bike. It would be terrible if you showed in a pair of shorts and flip flops to ride a bike like some people do. Since it was a nice day out, you decided to walk over where you were supposed to meet Liam. He was bringing both of the bikes. When he got there, you could tell her was excited. He was smiling and his eyes were sparkling. When he brought the bikes down, you went over there to help him.

"Hi Liam."

"Hi, love."

"Are you ready for the bike ride?"

"Ya, are you?"


After that short little awkward conversation was done and over with, you finally got on the bikes and started riding. After about 10 minutes into riding, your tire popped.. As Liam came over to see what happened, you could see his big muscles popping out of his shirt has he picked up the bike. He knew there was a flat tire. But as he was saying that you stopped in mid-sentence and kissed him. He kissed you back. As you guys are kissing he pulled you closer to him. That's how the night ended was with a perfect kiss.



Here ya go. Its probably not the best. And I have no idea why I went with bike riding.

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