One Direction Imagines

If you would like an imagine please comment your name below and who you would like to be in it.. If you want it t be romantic or sweet, funny. Or anything else. Thank you.


2. Emily and Niall

Imagine You and Niall going out to at Nandos as just friends.. Friends can go out to dinner to right? You have always had a  crush on Niall ever since the first day you meant  him. You had a few hours to get ready, so decided to take a nap.. Finally your alarm woke you up and you had to get ready for what seemed like a "date." You decided to go with a short strapless black dress with black flats. You curled you hair and put on your earrings. By the time you got ready Niall would be there soon. So you went downstairs to wait for him to pick you up.. About 10 minutes later, your doorbell rang and it was Niall.. "Hi Emily, you look amazing." With those words you blushed and you guys go in the car.. When you guys got to Nandos, you sat down and Niall of course pigged out, but you didn't mind because you guys have the same eating habits. After you both got done eating, you guys sat there and talked for a couple hours. By the time the "date" had ended your feelings for Niall have deepened. As you guys were walking out of Nandos, Niall grabbed your hand and looked at you and said "Emily, you look so beautiful tonight." Then after he spoke those words, he pulled you in for a kiss. You kissed back. After that you guys drove home, and when you got to your house, as soon as you were about to get out of the car, Niall said he had to ask you something. Well, since you wanted to hear what Niall had to say, you got back in the car and shut the door..

"Emily, I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, of course Niall."

After you answered him, he kissed you. After the kiss was over, you got out of the car and went back inside and just stood there smiling, thinking "I cant believe I am Niall Horan's girlfriend. Best night ever.


Here you go Emily, This was not as good. I'm only a beginner so.

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