One Direction Imagines

If you would like an imagine please comment your name below and who you would like to be in it.. If you want it t be romantic or sweet, funny. Or anything else. Thank you.


1. Contact me

Let me know if you want one by leaving your name and who you want in it.. If you want it to be romantic,funny,or sweet... I will have a few examples.


Imagine You and Harry are laying on the beach watching the sun go down, and you guys are holding hands.. At the prettiest part of the sunset Harry kisses you.. (Romantic)

Imagine You and Louis are at a restaurant together and there are One Direction fans there and the screaming fan girls start to throw rolls and food at you, and start yelling at you and calling you ugly and tell Louis that he could do so much better, when out of nowhere Louis starts getting really angry and starts to stick up for you by saying that your the most awesome girlfriend a guy could ever have, than he takes your hand and kisses you. (Sweet and Romantic)

Imagine You and Zayn are going dancing, You know that Zayn cant dance and he knows that too, you didn't want him making a fool of himself so you tell him that you don't want to go.. Well he insists on taking you dancing, so he tells you to get ready and he drags you to the car. By the time you guys got there to dance, it was already half way over. But as soon as you walked into that door, you looked over and Zayn was gone.. You walked straight forward and there he is trying to dance making the biggest fool out of himself. He's trying to dougie it almost seems like.. While everyone is laughing at him, you try not to laugh but you cant control yourself. Then Zayn starts laughing so you figure once hes laughing you can laugh too.. At the end of the song Zayn comes up to you and takes you by the hand and pulls you closer and kisses you. (Funny and Romantic)


That's some examples, sorry I didn't do any for Liam or Niall. I couldn't think of any.. These aren't really good but the are my first imagines so I hope I can get better from time to time. :) Let me know if you would like one and favorite this so you can find out whenever I get your fanfic done.

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