The Lucky Tweet

(None of this is true) Louis Tomlinson is a fun, loving, Funny cutie who is 20 and in a famous world wide band called One Direction. Louis had been going out with Eleanor Calder for almost a year when she breaks up with him, leaving him depressed and only being his normal self on stage. Stacey (Stace) Nelson is a 18 year old teenage girl, fun, immature and funny, Hot, sexy, beautiful, VERY attractive, popular, everyone knows her and wants to be her friend and she has one best friend Miley (Smiley or Miles) Olson. Stace has or should I say had a boyfriend named Oliver but he dumped her leaving her depressed but acting fine then she gets a new boyfriend Jake. Louis gets a tweet from Stacey and thats where is starts. Will Louis meet Stace and if so what will happen? Will Stacey break up with Jake for Louis or will Jake break up with her?

(I will update every saturday)


1. "Tweet! No I'm not a bird"

I walk down the halls with my pink crop top, skinny jeans and high heels on. I get envious stare and glares from the girls and wolf-whistles and check outs from the boys. Miley joins me and we walk down the hall to the cafeteria - like it's a catwalk - while we have everyone trying to talk to us or get out numbers. 

"So, what are you doing this weekend babe?" Jake sits down next to me, kissing my cheek on the way. 

"Umm" I glance at Miley and she shrugs. "I don't know why?"

"Ohh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to go to the movies" He asks and takes a glimpse of Rebecca, the school slut, then looks at me again, smirking. 

"Yeah sure when?" I agree shrugging off the stare that Rebecca is giving MY boyfriend. 

"On friday meet me at the movies at 6pm k?" he confirms then kisses me when I agree before he goes to soccer training. 

"Okay was it just me or was Rebecca eye raping Jake?" I turn to Miles. 

"Nope, I saw it too" she frowns and I shrug thinking nothing of it. 


Soon it's friday and I'm walking through the door of the movies. It's almost 6pm so Jake should be here. I go and look around before spotting my favorite thing to do, photo booth. I walk over and open up the curtain seeing a couple making out. I fix my gaze to the ground but then do a double take about to cry. It's Rebecca and Jake!!!

"Fuck you slut, as for you Jake we are over you fucking dick! I'm sick of people treating me like I have no heart. Fuck you both!" I scream at them with tears streaming down my face and race to the car before speeding off to my house. 


When I get home I run up to my room locking the door ignoring my mum and little brother trying to get my attention. I log onto twitter and look at my five favorite people in the world - besides my mum, brother oh and sister and Miley. 

I scroll down to Louis' new tweets to see him post a heartbreaking post. "Louis_Tomlinson: Sometimes in life I need to learn that people that i love won't always be there when I want them to </3 #LouanoreIsOverForever" I let out the tears that burst out. I know how he feels. I decide to try and tweet him even though he won't see it. 

"@HeyHeyStacey: @Louis_Tomlinson , I know how you feel, I've been let down so many times and my hearts shattered but I put a smile on my face to hide it </3 #IknowHowItFeels"

I log off and close my laptop, putting it back on my orange desk and get up from my bed. My room has three white walls and an orange feature wall but you can't see any of my walls or wardrobe or roof cause it's covered in 1D, Ariana Grande, The Janoskians, Reece Mastin and BTR posters. I have a 62 inch tv that hangs on my wall, an orange and white desk along with an orange swirly chair. I have a bedside table that has a orange and pink lava lamp on it along with my song book, big stereo and guitar picks. My bed is a queen sized double bed with 1D pillows and blanket and an orange and white floral patterned duvet. I have an orange and black electric guitar in the corner with an amp along with an acoustic guitar next to is and a microphone and a stack of DVD's and CD's on a rack sitting next to my desk near the TV. I also have a full sized mirror near the wardrobe. 

I head to my draws and pull out some pjs along with underwear. I make my way to my bathroom. Yes I have my own bathroom. I lock the door and dump my clothes on the ground starting the shower. I brush my blonde hair and remove my make up then take my clothes off before stepping into the shower. 

After shaving, washing my hair and body I turn the shower off and step out, grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my body. I dry myself and put on my pjs ( ) then shake my hair just drying it so it doesn't drip but it's still wet. I put all my long hair to the side then fishtail braid it pulling my side fringe back with a frangipani clip. I hand my towel up and chuck my dirty clothes in the basket before unlocking the door and heading down the stairs. 

"Hey honey" my mum greets me with a hug. 

"St-Stac-Sis" my little 1 year old brother Tom stutters trying to say my name but then says Sis. 

"Tommy" I squeal and pick him up spinning him around watching him giggle cutely.

"Sissy" he laughs. 

I put him back down letting him play with his trains. I walk into the kitchen getting out a mug, tea bag, milk, peanut butter and Oreos. 

I put the kettle on and chuck a tea bag in the mug then put the milk next to the mug. I grab a plate out and a knife opening the packet of Oreos spilling about half the packet on the plate. I put peanut butter on all of them and lick the knife chucking it in the sink. I love Oreos, with peanut butter and tea at night. I make my tea when the kettle pops then make my way over to the lounge where my mum is watching Gypsy Weddings. 

I put my tea and Oreos down on the side table, sit down on the lounge, reclining it and sitting cross legged on it with a fluffy orange blanket around me. 

"So when is dad coming back?" I ask popping another Oreo in my mouth as I finish my sip of tea. My dad is a working man and always goes on business trips. He keeps the money coming in and we are basically rich. 

"another month or so" my mum sighs. She really misses dad and now, having Tom around it's harder not having a dad to come home to. I sigh too then continue with my tea and Oreos, watching Gypsy Weddings. 

"What about Sammy?" I ask about my older 25 year old sister Samantha. She is an international model and often goes to different places. Like now, she is New York. Oh and we live Australia. 

"She is coming home Tomorrow" mum replies then starts feeding little Tommy. 

After a while I walk back up stairs and hop onto my laptop, logging on to twitter again. I see that I have around 1,000 new followers. I look down my mention line to see what started this and my eyes widen in shock and i stare at the words in front of me. 

Louis Tomlinson has retweeted your tweet. 

Louis Tomlinson has favorited your tweet. 

Louis Tomlinson is following you. 

I see a DM from him too so I open it up to read it. 

Louis' POV

When I posted my tweet I got support and asking if I was okay and such but as I was looking through my mentions I saw one that caught my eye. 

"@HeyHeyStacey: @Louis_Tomlinson , I know how you feel, I've been let down so many times and my hearts shattered but I put a smile on my face to hide it </3 #IknowHowItFeels"

I instantly retweeted and favorited it along with following her. I clicked on her profile and saw a picture of a girl with blonde hair, green/brown eyes in a black and white spotted bikini on the shoulders of a older girl that looked exactly like her. Then there was a girl who looked like a best friend maybe, in a red and black stripped bikini with brown hair and blue eyes. I then looked at her profile page. 


"Hi my names Stacey but my friends call me Stace or Stacka. In the photo I'm the one with the white and black bikini ontop of my sisters @SammySamSam , shoulders and my best friend @Smiley_Miley is next to me in the red and black bikini! Feel free to tweet me and follow! I follow back xx"


1,500 following

32k tweets

I click on DM's and send her a DM. 

"Hey Stacey, umm I saw your tweet and just wanted to say that thanks and every guy that breaks your heart is an idiot   xx Louis"

I sit down and wait for a reply. 

Stacey's POV

I read the tweet about ten times over before screaming into my pillow having a Fangirl moment then I stopped and started to reply. 

"Hey Louis! Thats okay, I meant it. And you deserve to be happy too, not that Eleanor isn't right for you I just meant that you should be with someone that wont break up with you if you get what I mean and thanks I really haven't had anyone care bout my feelings before since my appearance at school and stuff xxxxx - Stacka"

He replied and we talked about school and I opened up to him and I told him about my popularity and everyone wanting to be me for my looks not personality. 


(outfit: )

It's been 3 months since my first chat with Louis and we made it a regular thing. We know everything about each other and we are best friends. Right now I'm setting up Skype since he wants to Skype with me. 

Ring Ring Ring

"Stacey?" A familiar red jeans, striped shirt Doncaster swag master pops up. 

"Louis?" I lay on my bed pulling on my oversized 'Come At Me Bro' jumper on. 

"Stacka!" "Loubear!" we say at the same time. 

"Hi! How are you?" He starts off the conversation and then we get talking again. He is so freaking funny. 

"Do you want to meet the boys?" he asks me smiling. 

"Of corse!" I laugh back at his weird face. 

"BOYS! COME MEET STACEY!" he shouts up to the stairs then I heard four pairs of feet running down the stairs. 

"Stacey" they all shout at me. I laugh and smile while waving. 

"hi" I say cooly trying not to scream. I know I have spoken to Louis heaps of times so it's normal to me but all One Direction. AhHHH!

We all end up talking for a long time and then I go to sleep. If the boys ever meet me I am warning them now that I'm very immature when people get to know me.
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